How to Use Android Device Manager App

Have you ever heard about android device manager app? I bet this is the first time you read about it. What is the function of this app for you?

Let’s talk about smartphone devices nowadays. As we know that now all smartphones use android as their operating system. We know that we need to have google email address to access all software.
The accounts that you have now can help you more. By having google email address, you now can try the latest helpful application from Google. Its name is Android Device Manager. You can download the application in the play store. Install and try to learn about this application.

The android device manager app helps us to ring, lock and erase the data of the lost phone of yours. It keeps tracking where the position of your phone is. Now let’s learn of how to lock your phone.
This step, you will be asked by the application to set a new password. How to do so? You only need to click or tap the android device manager, then tap the lock button, enter new password and enter the message also the phone number to be displayed on the lock screen.

Android Device Manager App

Besides locking the application, now you can also erase the data inside your lost devices. How to do it? Firstly, you enter the android device manager, tap the erase button and confirm further question by clicking or choosing the erase button on the pop up window.

You also have another way to check your lost phone by opening the website of the android device manager. Just sign in and look the location where your phone is. If you can’t find your phone, there is possibility that you have not turned on the location access from your phone.

You have to notice that the ability to lock, ring and erase is only if your phone is online. If your phone is offline, what you can only do is to reset. This thing will work after it finds the network connection again.

So, why don’t you try the app now? It is likely to have security with high prioritize by using the app. You can search wherever your phone is on. Please remember to turn on the location access and have the network connection in your device either from wifi or mobile data. When once you have lost your device, you will have access to know where your phone’s position is thanks to the android device manager app.

Google Android Device Manager Login Page

What is android device manager login about? Firstly, let’s talk about this application a little bit. At first, you must be wondering what it is for. What android has to do with this application?
Basically, as the trend nowadays that one person can have more than one android devices, so this application from google will help you to control or manage all your devices’ accounts.
Besides the function to help you managing the accounts, it is also a helpful thing to help you track down your lose android smartphones.

However, it needs some steps to turn on its capability that need your permission to do so. Don’t worry because the steps are easy to do. It only uses the settings in your android device.
What you have to prepare is the application of the android device manager. Go to the play store application, then search for the Android Device Manager by Google Inc. Then click or tap the Install button. Wait its downloading process and after finish, you can do these below steps for login.

Android Device Manager Login Page

The Steps of Android Device Manager Login

·         Find your device manager from the app drawer or home screen

·         Choose the accept word button that means that you will sign in to the google account of yours

·         Once you arrive at the homepage of your google account, you will be asked to enter your password

·         After write or type the password, you only need to tap the sign in word button.

If your question is only the way to login to the android device manager login, so those above answers are the final statements.

However, what you need the most is not only the above things right? There is more important as the final step to check the capability of the application. So to confirm if your device is recognizable or discoverable, you can check to the device manager part and then check if the device is in discoverable state.

On the screen, you will see the device manager look. By the sight, in glance, you can see four important. First, at the top, you will see the written words say Device Manager your email address.
The second part is the map of your device. The third is the type of your device. And the last is the ring, lock and erase buttons.

So, this is all about android device manager login. Hope it helps you preventing the further bad thing happens and hope you can share this helpful application to your family and friends.

Android Device Manager Apk Download

Android device manager apk now is becoming the trending topic. It is the top list of apk in the play store because its helpful function and its trusted publisher that is from google.
Google produces this app because nowadays most people use smartphone connected to the google email addresses.

Play store works with google to make a main database for any accounts in the internet. It is proved from the first time you buy the android device. You are asked to log in to your google email addresses. This is for the entire process using all google accounts and accessibility.
After you signed in with your google account, you will have easier ways to download and open the installed application. It is because all the programs need logging in steps using your email especially the google mail addresses.

Android device manager apk comes as a solution for those who have had anxiety to keep their phones safe. We can guarantee or make sure that we never lose our phones. So, the prevention step is by installing the android device manager.

Android Device Manager Apk

It will help you to relax because you have three things to do whenever your phone is lost. First is you can ring or call your lost android device. Second, you can lock the device. The last is the ability to erase all the data.
What you have to do is just downloading it from the play store. Or later you can open android device manager website.

If you choose to download it from the play store, you can set up from that application. Make sure you have turn on the settings of location access service and you have the network internet connection.
You need to turn on your GPS and then go to the application and check all the things you think you need to do such as signing in your google mail address then activate the access.

For the view of your device manager through the website, first you have to sign in to your account. You will be asked to enter your password.
After you have signed in, you will see a pop up window says, “Welcome to Android Device Manager”. Then you have to choose whether you want to accept the request to access your location or not. If yes, just click Accept button.

Then there will be a screen says it is contacting your device. Wait the loading until finish. While you are waiting for the loading, you can see that there are two buttons under the loading process. They are ring and enable lock and erase.

Those are the things you can do with android device manager apk while your phone is away from you.

Google Android Device Manager Remove Device

Hi, IT lovers, have you downloaded google device manager remove device from the play store? Yes the name is not that long. The actual or real application name is only google device manager.
Why has it to be related to google? Because google is the one who created this application for our further security system.

As we know that nowadays most people are using smartphone controlled by android operating system which it uses google as the main control data save application.
Google email address that you have had, will be used all the times whenever you download and use any application in android. The google gmail lets you have all access through many things by only signing in on one email account in google.

They like save all the history and other data reader administration to help you have easiness in log in in many software. Google device manager remove device is the solution if you lose your phone. So, let’s learn how to activate it.

Google Device Manager Remove Device

First, you download from the google play store. Then after you have successfully installed the application, go to your device manager on your home screen. And then follow further instructions there.

One thing you should know that you have to well-prepared beforehand. Here are some requirements that you have to do:

·         You have to know that your lost android device must be connected to your google account

·         You must have internet access in your lost phone or device so by this, it means you will have nothing done if there is no internet connection.

·         You must enable the android device manager first to track all the mobile phones through google application settings.

By knowing those requirements, it is hoped that you have awareness to keep your phone safe. But if bad luck comes, you can rely on the android device manager to work for you.
You can log in to your google device manager on your smart phone and after log in, you will see all devices.

You can do three actions such as to ring, lock and erase the data. Please turn on the device manager setting first.
If you think that your android device is in your house or office, you can simply ring it and give a missed call.

It is a helpful application for android users who control more than one google account. Google has saved our life by providing this application. We have to keep our phone around us so that we do not have to have bad moment by losing our phone.
But if something happens, google device manager remove device will save our data.


Find My Phone Android Device Manager

Do you think you have read about find my phone android device manager application? It is a new update application for android users by the Google Inc.

You can simply find the application in the play store. Then install it and then sign in to the application. After it has been installed successfully, go to your home screen and tap on it.
Then, you will see a screen with three parts that are the email address of yours, the maps and the three buttons of ring, lock and erase the data.

Find My Phone Android Device Manager
Find My Phone Android Device Manager

How to access it? The first rule is by turning on the location access on your google location settings. Check or tick the box because it means that you will allow google to use your location any time.
Then you can go to the device manager and tick the boxes to keep your device connected. Don’t forget that you need to turn on your mobile data.

This application will not work if you do not mobile data access. So, there are two requirements that are you need to turn the GPS on and you need to have internet access in your phone.
Find my phone android device manager will help you to track any android device of yours whether it is stolen or not.

In case if the bad thing happens to you that your phone is lost, you can track down where the position of your android phone is. First, be quick to download this application from the play store now. Connect the device into your google account.

Next is make internet access in your phone. Then allowing your android device manager or ADM to get access of your device location. It is set by default in ON button. You can change it later through google setting application.

The requesting location will be asked to know where is your position is. If your device is with you, you will also be able to see the device is in your house with its location’s address.
And it happens if your mobile phone is lost, you search through the android device manager website, you will see where your phone is.
So, how to check whether your application works well? Simply sign in to your google and see whether the location is recognizable or not.

Choose the device you want to track and the application will help you further. Find my phone android device manager will really help you to make such helpful solution to find your lost android devices. 

What Is Android Device Manager?

What is android device manager? Have you ever heard about this? For those who have not known about this thing, we are going to give you clearest explanation about this.

However, let’s talk a little bit about the past. How long have you had chances to have hand phone or smartphone? From the first time the mobile or hand phone was published to public, they were step by step upgraded to be more modern and savvy.

More than ten years, the hand phone types threw many changes from the hardware, components and even the software.
And it comes the latest trend of the newest types of smartphones where single google account can be in more than one smartphones.

Based on this thing, there comes one necessity to control the account to prevent any inappropriate accident going to happen in the future.
Thankfully there is a new innovation to answer the people’s anxiety about the safety of their account. So, its name is android device manager.

What Is Android Device Manager

What is android device manager?

If you look at its name basically we can guess what it is about. It is an application in android that has a function to manage the device or the account in the device.
The specific purpose is to track down the android phone or tablet if the owner loses it. If you lose your android device, you can use this application to know or to get your device’s location.
Android device manager has other capability. It can make a ring, lock the device or erase everything inside the lost device.

There are three steps to set up the android device manager. 

·         The first is switching on the system of the android device manager. You can go to the settings app of your device > choose security > turn on the remotely locate this device and allow remote lock and erase

·         Turn on the location access in your device. How to do it? Go to the setting application > find the location part > turn on the access of your location application.

·         Check if the android device manager is already on. This is the most important part to check whether the app has succeeded to be used to find your device. To check it you can sign in to your google account or just go to

Try it now to your device and see how useful this application to help you track all activity your account in android is used. Hopefully it will help you to give clear explanation about what is android device manager.


How to use Google Android Device Manager

Have you ever heard about google android device manager? Seeing from the name that is related to Google, it must be something important.
Yes, it is! Google has launched one new updated application on play store that named Android Device Manager.
Its function is to track the android devices if they lose somehow. So, it uses your google account to keep your eyes on your android devices.

The application lets you to ring, lock and erase the date once you lose the phone. This service or easiness thing in the world will help you to wish the best not to lose your phones.
However, no one knows what will happen in the future. So to prevent bad things happen, let’s rise our awareness to turn on the android device manager in our android phones.

Google Android Device Manager

Google android device manager basically is in the play store market. You can download it for free from it. What you have to do is only install the application and then follow some steps below:
Make sure you have android system minimum using Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later.
Open play store > search for android device manager > install
Login to your android device manager application by opening the application first on your home screen > tap the accept button > select your google account > enter your google account password > tap the sign in button.

To check whether your phone is discoverable, you can do these things:
·         Click the application > open the device manager
·         Choose your phone device from the list
·         Check if your device is discoverable
·         There will be an information where your phone is now located on.
·         If the device is not recognizable, it is likely to be your location is not found. Or maybe the location service is disabled. To enable your location service, you can go to the settings from your home screen. Then tap the location part. And turn on or toggle the enable location services.

How to check your phone location through the internet?

If the scenario is you have lost your device and you get confused what next to do, you just need to open the website of android device manager. Then sign in using your google account and check if your phone is visible.

How to ring your device?

It is easy to do because what you need is only by tapping the ring button and tap again on the ring button. That is the way of how using the google android device manager.

Android Device Manager Can Find Phone

Have you tried to learn more about android device manager find phone? It is now a must application to help you keep all data in your smart phone be safe.
This app is not only to secure your data but also it will help you to always know where your device is used.

How does it work? It works if only you turn on the toggle and if only your device is on and online. So, the two things that your device should have are the on button and the network connection.
To find your phone, if someday it goes lost, you need to know how to set up the application. There are some steps you must do to have android device manager find phone works.

Android Device Manager Find Phone
Android Device Manager Find Phone

How to turn on its setting? 

The answer is by going to the setting app, choose the android device manager and do these following steps:

·   Download the application in the play store application. 
Open the play store, search for the android device manager and install it.

·    Turn on your location access.
After it’s installed successfully, go to your android setting and choose the location and turn on the access location.

·   Activate the device administrator. 
It says to have ability to erase all data, change the screen unlock password and lock the screen.

·  If you want to have the application, you can go to android device manager website. Sign in your google account and you will see the choices to ring, lock or erase.

This app is the best way to track down everything you need whenever your mobile device is lost. If you think you need to search down your mobile device through simpler way. Just go to the android device manager website, sign in and follow further instructions.

The two options, whether you choose to download or to view from the official google android device manager website, are the best options to track the android devices. Nothing is better than this app.
Android device manager find phone is one of the functions that you will have after installing the application. It is all what you need if you lose the device that you have private data of your life. Don’t let the thief has other bad plans towards the data you have in the phone. So, it is hoped that by having the chance to ring, lock and even to erase the data, are the best way to save your life.

How to Use Android Device Manager?

How to use Android Device Manager? It is very simple. There are three methods that you can choose. First, you can use the Android Device Manager website. Usually this method is chosen by anyone who only has one Android device and the device is lost or missing. Second, you can use the Android Device Manager app. This method can be done by people who have more than one Android device.

Third, you can use the Android Wear Device. This is not that common because it is not plenty of people who actually use Android Wear. Below is more information about how to use Android Device Manager.

How to Use Android Device Manager

1.             Using the Website

Accessing Android Device Manager website is very easy. First of all, you need to setup everything in your missing device including turning on the location, giving it internet connection, and signing in the device with valid Google account. After that, open the website of Android Device Manager. Sign in using the same Google account that you only use in the missing or misplaced device. After that, you can choose the option of what you are going to do. You can lock the device, erase the data, or even finding or locating the device. If you choose to locate the device, you just type “find my phone” and the website then shows you the approximate location of your missing device. If you want to find it and make it ring as loud as possible, you can also do that by pressing the “ring” option.

2.             Using the App

If you have more than one Android device and one of them is misplaced or missing, you can use Android Device Manager app on your other device that you still have. From the app, you need to sign in to your Google account. Make sure it is the same account that you use on the missing device. After that, you need to change the device displayed. If it is on your phone, you need to swipe along the lower part of the screen in order to see the devices. If you are using tablet, find an arrow and move it right to the selected device. Then, choose the option of what you are going to do with the missing device. As stated before, you can always remotely lock your device, remotely locate and ring your misplaced Android device, and of course you can use the tool to remotely wipe the data from your phone. It is how to use Android Device Manager and it is very easy.

How to Lock Device with Android Device Manager?

You really need to lock device with Android Device Manager once you found out that your Android device is missing. Losing your smart phone or tablet can be quite a disaster considering that all your data and your personal stuff are in there. That is why you need to prevent anyone from messing up with your personal data by locking the missing Android device. Thankfully, now you can do it really easily by using Android Device Manager. Below is the information for you.

Lock Device with Android Device Manager

1.             Locking Device with the Tool

Lock device with Android Device Manager is essential to prevent anyone from using your personal information. If your device is missing, you need to access the Android Device Manager to lock the device. Once the device is locked, the current holder of the device is not going to able to use the device. Your smart phone or tablet is not going to get locked and only you can open the lock. You can open the lock by inserting the password that only you know. The screen of the missing Android smart phone or tablet is going to display your command and usually it will display “call the owner” button. The holder of the device has nothing else to do with the device but calling you as the owner. Even though the holder of the device is playing with the device, you can still lock it and the device is no longer available to be played with.

2.             How to Lock?

The first thing you need to do is activating the Android Device Manager. You also need to turn on the location of your device. Then, use a valid Google account in your device and give it stable internet connection. All of these things need to be done as soon as you buy the device. If the device does not have all of those things above and lost, you cannot do anything at all to lock it. Once you have all of them, you need to open the Android Device Manager website. Sign in with your Google account and then find the “lock” option. Click the option and then you will be asked to enter your password twice.

After that, you will be able to send a message to be displayed on your device’s screen and then your device will get locked soon after. To lock device with Android Device Manager is incredibly important considering that today people have so many personal things kept on their devices.

Simple Android Device Manager Setup

In order to use the Android Device Manager, you need to do the Android Device Manager setup first. This tool from Google really is essential to track and locate your Android smart phone when it is accidentally lost or misplaced. With this tool, you will need to additional tools to track your phone. It is already there inside your smart phone and all you need to do is use it to locate where your Android smart phone is. Below is everything you need to know about setting up the tool.

Android Device Manager Setup

1.             Getting Started

First of all, you need to make sure that the operating system of your Android device is at least Android 2.2 (Android Froyo) or above. This free tool from Google is not going to work properly or does not even exist in smart phone with operating system below Android Froyo. Then, make sure that your device is supported by location feature and also it is signed to your Google account. Make sure that the location of your device is turned on. It is important because the core of the tool is tracking the location of your phone. If the location is turned off, the Android Device Manager tool is not going to work properly. When you try to locate your phone via the location and the tool finds it, it will send notification to you via email. Thus make sure that the Google account of yours is active. Once you do it, the Android Device Manager setup is done.

2.             Using the Tool

Using the tool is easy once you’ve done setting up everything. The most common way to use the Android Device Manager is using the website. We cannot use the smart phone because the smart phone is missing somewhere. Thus, grab your PC or laptop and then open the Android Device Manager website. Once you are in the website, you need to sign in. Make sure you sign in with the same Google account you use on the missing phone. If you own more than one Android device and you use same Google account for all your devices, move the arrow on the screen to the name of your missing device. After that, you are logged in to the Android Device Manager. You can track your phone and see the approximate location of your missing device. Do not forget to do the Android Device Manager setup first because without the setup, the tool is not going to work properly.

Using Android Device Manager Last Known Location

Using Android Device Manager last known location is important when we have no idea where our Android smart phone is. With the busy life we have these days, misplacing or even losing our Android smart phone seems to be something really common. However, with all the important data and personal stuff inside the smart phone, we need to make sure that the device is safe even though we have to do it remotely. Android Device Manager can help you with that. Below, you will read more about it.

Android Device Manager Last Known Location

1.             What Can the Tool Do?

Essentially, the Android Device Manager can help you to secure your phone. It can also be used to track your misplaced Android device or even your lost Android device with no additional apps needed. This tool is genuinely from Google and it is already there in each and every one of Android smart phone. To use this tool, you need to activate the location of your device. Make sure it is connected to internet as well. If your device’s location is turned on and you have completed your smart phone with stable internet connection, the tool can help to track and locate your smart phone. You can also make the smart phone rings. So, if you just misplaced the smart phone and it is hiding not too far away from you, you will be able to hear it rings and you can find it eventually.

2.             Using the Tool to Find the Last Known Location

Using Android Device Manager last known location is very helpful. If the Android Device Manager is active and so is the location of the device, you can remotely track the last known location of the smart phone. Open Google Map and type “track my device”. Your device’s last location or even current location will appear on the map automatically. The name of the place where the device was last used will also appear on the map. Once the device is located, you can go to the map and zoom in the map. You can see the detail of the location where the device is. If you want to track your smart phone more, you can make it rings. Even though the last time you use your smart phone you put it on silence or just vibrate, the Android Device Manager can set your misplaced device at the maximum volume. When you make it rings, it will ring loudly so that you can easily find it. Using Android Device Manager last known location is as easy as the explanation above.

How Does Android Device Manager Work?

A lot of people often ask “how does Android Device Manager work?”. Well, it is actually a very good question because this kind of tool from Google is indeed really essential for your Android smart phone. Considering that smart phone these days is full with personal things and important data, it is such a risk to lose the smart phone. This is why we need Android Device Manager. Below, you will read more about the tool including the way it works.

1.   Android Device Manager and Its Functions

How Does Android Device Manager Work
How Does Android Device Manager Work

Essentially, Android Device Manager is a tool provided by Google. It is a free tool and it is available for all Android users. The tool has a massive function to manage the Android smart phone including remotely tracking and monitoring the location of the Android device. There are basically three things that you can do with this amazing free tool. First, you can remotely lock your device. Second, you can remotely locate and ring your misplaced Android device. Third, most importantly, you can use the tool to remotely wipe the data from your phone. All of the functions mentioned are really helpful when you accidentally lose your Android smart phone. There will be no additional tool required to track your misplaced device if you use Android Device Manager.

2.    How Does It Work?

So how does Android Device Manager work? Well, basically this device can give you access to your misplaced smart phone or to your smart phone remotely by using the location. Google has Google Map and it is quite powerful. By using that, the Android Device Manager is going to able to find the approximate location on the Google Map to find where your smart phone is and where it was last used. After the device is located, you and your device will receive a notification. In order for the Android Device Manager to work properly, you need to do several things from now on. First of all, you need to turn on your device’s location access. Second, you need to be signed to your Google Account. Make sure this account is accessible because you need to open up the notification email sent to the account. Last but not least, you need to make sure that the internet connection in your Android smart phone is strong. Basically, this is the very answer of “how does Android Device Manager work?”. It is useful indeed and a lot of people need to use it.

Solving android device manager not working

Have you experience a situation where android device manager not working properly or it cannot connect into your device? In this case, you might find that your android device manager display “no active device” when you trying for tracking your android device. You find that the device is active when search use Google Play Store and Google account and these are already setting and work well but not with android device manager. This can be related with trouble shooting problem. There are several possibility that can be assumes as causes from not working android device manager such as isolated event, Google attention catching, and update issues.

Android device manager not working

If you are looking for solution to active your android device manager, this probably can be your alternative to make the app shows up again. These steps are seems as temporary solving, but it can go permanent with some requirement. You can visit into Google product forums where it can give you many solutions that you can try from several users who have similar problem with android device manager not working.  For the first tip solving, you can do factory reset setting. Off course before you reset your device, back up your important information to prevent it from losing data. If it does not work and any changes, you can clear the cache in Google play services.  Here are the complete guides for solving your problem. The data that you should clear the cache are from apps includes Play store> Download manager> Google service framework> and then restart your device.

First fire up the Google Play store app. Wait your device shows up again in Play store web. If your device has shows up in Play Store with the registered date, then proceed into next step. Open Google setting> security> android device manager> uncheck allow remote factory reset. Go back to device setting menu>apps>all> Google Play services> clear data.  Forward to Google setting>security> allow remote factory reset> restart the device. Always do the step by step in order and wait for the device to shows appears bin web in Google Play store before you complete to stick the order. When you skip the order part, this just wastes your time. Your device should be appears to shows again about half hour into more several hours depend to the device speed. Check to the Google update forums for any tips if your android device manager not working.

How to setup android device manager

How to setup android device manager? Android device manager is tools from Google for android device for track this device remotely. This tool is very helpful if your android device is lost or stolen. There are also 3 ways that you can do for using android device manager, using Google search from website, use by app, or use android device.  There are two main things that should keep in mind before use Android device manager. Your device should connect with valid connectivity in order to locate your android device. The second thing, you should enable android device manager permission. To enable your android device manager, go to Google setting> security>android device manager from android device you have. Then click enable option that appears under android device manager section for control android phone remotely.

Setup android device manager

After you enable the android device manager, you are able to use android device manager and track the device remotely. You can do 3 things with this app; there are locking, ring and wipe the data phone. For setup android device manager you need to do these simple 3 steps. The first step is switch your android device manager into ON or OFF. Ensure that the app has been turned on and the device associated with the app is your device. Open the device setting> security> android device manager> switch by remote the device locate and allow lock and erase remote into ON or OFF. The step 2 is ensuring the location access is turned on. To turned on location go to setting> location> tap into ON.  The step 3 is check whether the app is work properly. If you still do not see your device listed, then check for Google account sign in, location turn on, and turn on android device manager app.

If your location is not appears on, then you can try this alternative way. For high accuracy, choose phone with internet connectivity by using GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular network for determine your device location. The Battery saving mode can allows the android phone for determine the location use Wi-Fi. When you finish accessing the location, the device will appear up.  In a case if the android device is use by more than one users then only the owner that able to control to this setting. You also able to hide the devices in Google play. Just click the “Visibility” and then click the setup android device manager you require to hide.

How to open android device manager android

There is several ways to open android device manager android. The first method you can use the app from website or from Google search. If you use android device manager with Google search, it is work best when you use PC version from Google. The Google search is the best way for locate your android device quickly. To use android device manager from Google search, then you should do this step. First, open the browser Google and type in search box with” find my phone”. You will need to fill and sign in into Gmail account that associated with android device installed. After you sign in into your Gmail account, Google search will find your phone location and shows the result appears as map. After that, you can ring device by locate the device from Google search.

Open android device manager android

The second way is use android device manager from website. Go to android device manager official and sign in use Gmail account. Google will automatically locate the android device after you sign-in with Gmail. If the location is not locate properly, then click again into “locate device “ icon for allowing device to determine location. When this step is finish done, then when you open android device manager android, you can do these three things with the app. The first is to ring your phone remotely. This will useful if you lost your phone and do not have any idea to look for. Open your android device manager app and then click “ring”. Your phone will ring after 5 minutes even when your phone is in silent mode so you can find it easily.

The second thing that you can use with this app is lock your phone. Click “lock” option and it will create new password and confirmation. The android device manager will automatically replace your old password with the new one you type from the interface even when you open from website.  The third thing that you can do for this app is erase data. This is very important mode especially for protecting your secret and important information in your device. You can erase data in your mobile phone completely with this app. If your device is offline mode with internet connection, then this function is unable to work. But when the device is connected online to internet, then the function will work immediately and you do not requires to open android device manager android just for checking if your phone is connected with internet.

Android device manager Google play

Once android device manager google play is launch the users of android are very excited as it is very help in find and locate their lost device. There are several ways to access into this app that makes the android user are easy to access the app even when they do not have second android device. The lack from this app is it is hard to find the setting in android, the app require web browser open for actual interface. But recently, Google has creates innovation as the android device manager is move with its preferable application into application setting so the users are able to access the app easily. From the update, if the users want to access android device manager from their android device, they should access from web to track, lock, and ring or erase their device.

Android device manager Google play

First of all, before you access and use the app, you need to download it in Google Play store. You can find the android device manager in app drawer. With this method, you will find any registered device that sync into your android device manager google play account from that device. After you access the app, you can use and setting the app for locks it, erase or ring it.  This is very important function when your device is not in your hand anymore or you lost it because it has stolen.  With locks, you can locks the phone number screen, with ring function, you can ring it loudly when you lost in somewhere in your home, or erase all important data to protect your information.

There are remaining menu that available to use when you open the app. It is recovery message and phone number. With this option, you can receive detail person who taken or stolen the device. In recovery message, add text such as “this is my phone” or any text that you want. In phone number, type the number you will able to call. With this option, your stolen phone just only has option for “call owner” when they click on it. They will call the phone number you list before so you can receive the inserted number to your device and get detail from the person that take your device.  If you have multiple android device, and it has signed with same Gmail account, you also can set with android device manager google play.

How to enable android device manager

Do you know that when you enable android device manager you can much more than just use it as panacea for lost or stolen device? This android device manager is powerful tool kit use but it takes times for set up and effort. Android device manager is security features that have four main functions, includes tracking location, erase, ring and lock. Before you use these functions, you need to activate the android device manager first in your android device.

Enable android device manager

The Android device manager is accessible from android device, computer use web access and from your Google account. Generally, when people use android phone, they also have active Google account in this device. First to do is visit /android/ devicemanager using computer web site browser and look after to your device list. The device will automatically appear if you ever use Google Play Store with your device. Do not forget to rename your device for clarity and easier set enable android device manager. In default setting, the ring function is accessible. This option is for default ringtone in full volume. When this active and connect to internet, you are accessible to its location. For lock and erase function, there is special permission from Android Device Manager to android device.

Go to setting menu>click security> choose device administrator (This will determines who are allowed to access into sensitive Android device).  Probably, when you installed additional security software or additional user account, there are multiple option appears. Just ignore and go directly to Android device manager. Check the box and click activate in lock and erase function. With this step, you are accessible to lock and erase function in android device manager site.

The Lock feature give access to new device password that very useful if your screen locks is ease to guess.  This can secure your information when a thief efforts to access. For more extreme option, erase option will clear entire data in device and return it into factory setting. This will very useful if you have very important information in stolen or lost android device. However, keep in your mind when you use the option, your SD card information is still available to access just by plug your SD card to computer. Second, by clear the device, it also wipes everything that connects into your account. This means that you are unable to tract your device with android device manager. Therefore, choose the right option when you enable android device manager system. 

Tips to Do Android Device Manager Remove Device

Android device manager remove device is another feature that can be had when you have an Android device and connect it to Google Account. This feature is useful in kinds of case. First, you may need it to remove your Google Account from your old device that is no longer used. Second, you want to remove your Google Account from a device that has been lost or stolen. Third, you may ever access your Google Account from a device and want to erase it. Otherwise, you may have another reason so you need to remove the device from the list inside your Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager Remove Device

Steps to Remove a Device from Google Account

Follow some instructions below to do Android Device Manager remove device;

1.     Use a computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone that is connected to internet to access an internet browser. Then go to

2.     In the web page, you will find many options of features that are available to solve some problems or activate some features in your Google Account. Choose “Sign-in & Security” section and then click the “device activity & notification”.

3.     Then select the “recently used devices” section and then click “Review Devices”.

4.     If you have some options of devices, you will see the options on a list. See every device showed on the list and then click the device that is going to remove. Then click “Remove”.

After the device selected has been removed from your Google Account, you can test the successful Android device manager remove device by opening the device up. Then try to use a Google service. The success removal will be showed by the instruction to re-authenticate your Google Account.
Google has added some security features by using Google account and also the Android ecosystem. When you can remove the devices easily from the Google account, you will get more security in the mobile life of your Android device.

Now you can remove your Android device easily from your Google Account easily and you can do it anytime you need. This feature will be also useful when you lose an android device or left it somewhere unsafe. Removing the device from your google account will not make anyone find your account anymore inside the device. So the account cannot be accessed by other persons and no data that can be seen even the Android device has been held by him. So, try the android device manager remove device now. 

How to Activate the Android Device Manager Lock and Erase

Android device manager lock and erase is a feature that can be had by any Android device to lock and erase the device from a remote place. This feature uses the internet connection so that the locking and erasing can be done online. It means that the remote device should be on and connected to the internet too. This feature is useful for those who lose their Android device recently and the device is still on. By locking and erasing, the device will be locked and the data can’t be accessed by anyone who finds it.

To lock your lost Android device, you can use the website or application of Android Device Manager. You can use a computer, laptop or another device that is connected to internet so that you can access the Android device manager app or website.

Android Device Manager Lock and Erase

Lock and Erase from the Android Device Manager Website

Follow the steps below to activate Android device manager lock and erase through the website;

1.     Firstly, sign in to Google Account on the website

2.     Click an arrow besides the device name, so you can select the lost device. You will see the device’s location in the Android Device Manager.

3.     Turn on the Lock & Erase option and then the device will be locked automatically even you haven’t set a password for it yet. Besides, all of data in the device will be erased permanently but not the data inside the SD card. Then the Android Device Manager will not work inside the device anymore.

Lock and Erase from the Android Device Manager Application

To use this application, you certainly should have the app installed in the device that is going to use. You can do the Android Device Manager lock and Erase remotely and then erase the data stored inside the device’s account.

1.     Open the app in the device you use.

2.     Sign in to the Google Account of yours. If you are going to open another account, tap the Device Manager and then Guest to sign in.

3.     Select the lost device by tapping an arrow besides the device name and the device’s location will appear.

4.     Choose the Lock & Erase option. Then the remote lost device will be locked automatically. The data of Google Account inside the device will be erased too so that it can’t be accessed by anyone even though it has been successfully opened.

How to Activate Android Device Manager Lock from Remote Place

Android Device Manager lock is one of the things you can do when your Android phone or other device is lost, besides ringing the phone in maximal volume or erasing all of the data. By locking the phone, you can prevent someone to open your phone and see all of the data you save inside. In this way, you can also prevent identity theft or the individual that wants to abuse your pictures and other data.

Locking the Android Phone from Remote Place

Android Device Manager Lock

When you realize that your Android Smartphone is lost, it is better to lock the phone remotely. You can do this if your device has been signed in to Google Account. Use the Android Device Manager to do this. When you are successfully interacting the Android Device Manager with the lost device, you will see the notification. Even you also can see the device’s location since the device is still on and connected to the internet (either via mobile data connection or WiFi connection)

Add Phone Number on the Lock Screen of the Lost Device

Besides doing the Android Device Manager lock, you also can add a phone number on the locked screen. In this way, someone who finds your device can call the phone number directly from the device’s screen that has been locked. Follow some steps below to add the phone number;

1.     Sign in to by using the same Google Account you have inside the lost device.

2.     Choose the lost device (if you have more than one device) by clicking the arrow beneath the device name.

3.     Click ‘Lock’.

4.     Type the phone number that is going to added in the “Phone Number (Optional)” area.

5.     Click ‘Lock’. Then the locked screen of the lost device will show a button so the number can be hit to call. So someone who finds the phone can call the number.

6.     You can also delete the phone number by following the same steps but then erasing the phone number that has been added before.

By locking and adding phone number to the lost device, you can have a possibility to get your lost Android phone back. Hopefully, the phone is found by someone who wants to give it back to you. If the phone is still active, you can know the phone location by accessing the Android Device Manager and then do the Android Device Manager lock to make sure the phone can’t be opened. 

How to Use Android Device Manager Ring, Lock and Erase Data Remotely

Android device manager ring - Have you ever realized how people in this modern era never separate themselves with smartphone? At the moment they opened their eyes, they would check their smartphone. The last thing they saw before they got to bed was also their smartphone. People use smartphones for almost anything, for instance, doing their work, socialize with friends and other people, and get entertain with movies and music. Losing smartphone is like the end of the world for modern people. All data in their smartphone can be used carelessly if it falls on the wrong hands. To protect the privacy of Android users, Google has provided amazing feature that could locate the phone’s position and protect sensitive data remotely. Android device manager ring, lock and erase data from afar once you hit the button from another devices or PC. How to do that? Have a look.

Android device manager ring

The first thing you should do is checking the Google setting on your devices. Check if Android device manager in the setting has been switched on. Usually, it is switched on by default. Then install Android device manager apps from Google Play store. Once the apps installed on your phone, switched on the location service of your phone. The apps will detect the position of your phone. Now let’s get move on to see how you would know the position of your phone by its ring.

When you lose your device, don’t get assume too fast that your device has been stolen. Probably you just mislaid it somewhere. If you meet this situation, open android device manager from another device or website and hit “ring” button. It will make your phone rings loudly for 5 minutes, long enough to help you locating the sound.

When you cannot locate the sound and you see in the map that your device is not in the surrounding area, now you can assume that your phone has been stolen. Hit “lock” button and your phone will be locked with the new password. The dialog box will be appear on the device’s screen asking the new password and phone number to contact you. Whoever individual who took or found your phone won’t be able to access your device anymore.

When no one calls you to bring back your device, now it is time for you to wipe out all data in your phone. Hit "erase” button and your device will wipe out all data in internal storage phone. Unfortunately, you cannot erase all data on external storage. Those are how to use android device manager ring, lock and erase data in android devices from afar. 

The Alternative Apps to Locate the Missing Phone Besides Android Device Manager

Google play android device manager is a remarkable feature to help you locating the missing phone. It is easy to use, free and has features which are really helpful to locate the phone. However, the app cannot remotely back up the data of your device before you wipe it out or access the device when it is turned off or its data connection is switched off. Some people like to use other apps besides android device manager since they probably have more benefits. What are they? Let’s take a look.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is a free app that solely has purpose to find the position of your phone. Once you register your phone number, you can trace the position of your phone anywhere and anytime via Google Maps. However, this app is not able to lock your phone, make new password, erase your data, and make your phone rings loudly from remote devices. It just gives you information where the approximate location of your device.

Google play android device manager

Android Lost

Android Lost has features which help you when you lose android device. It can wipe out all data on internal or external storage via text message or internet, lock the phone and ask the new password, and send email notification when someone change sim card on the phone.

Cerberus anti-theft

Just like the other apps, Cerberus anti-theft can track down the position of your missing phone, make it rings loudly, lock it and ask the new password, and erase the data in the phone. You are only given one week trial version to use it for free, after one week has passed you should pay at least $2.99 for lifetime usage. One thing that makes Cerberus anti-theft is great is it doesn’t need to wait for your missing phone switch on its data connection. The app can do its job via SMS.

Wheres My Droid

This app is one of the most popular apps to locate and manage android devices from remote place. Wheres My Droid can make your phone rings loudly, send text messages alert to another devices if someone tries to use your device for texting, tell the exact location of your phone via Google maps and GPS coordinates, create new password to lock the apps in your device, and send you notifications if someone tried to change phone number or sim card. It even can remove the data not only on internal storage but also on external storage. Those are the reason why many people like to use Wheres My Droid than Google play android device manager.

What is Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager - Recently android phone become more and more popular in the market. It is sitting on the top of mobile phone’s sale market. With one single phone, users can use multiple apps that make our work easier. Imagine how disaster it can be when we lose our android phone, all the sensitive data will be in danger if the wrong hands get them. Google as the provider of android has made great feature called Android Device Manager to help the android users to track down their lost phone, reset the phone’s password and wipe out all data in the phone remotely. It is easy to set up android device manager. Follow these steps:

Set up on the web

  1. Turn on the location mode of your phone. You can check it in “setting”.
  2. Go to website and sign in with your Google accounts.
  3. It will detect the position of your android phone.

Android Device Manager

Set up Android Device Manager apps

  1. Open Google Play Store apps and search for Android Device Manager
  2. Install the apps
  3. When the welcome screen appears, press “Accept” button
  4. You are ready to go on when your android phone’s type and name appear in the screen along with the map, ring button and lock & erase buttons. Now, we move on to see the steps how you use Android Device Manager.

If you lose the device and you want to know where it is, follow these steps:
  1. Open and sign in with your Google account or open and go to find my phone feature if you had synced the device to Google.
  2. Select the device name that was lost.
  3. Wait for a moment and this manager can show you the position of your device.

If you want to ring, lock and erase all the data in your lost device, follow these steps:

  1. Open and sign in with your Google account or open and go to find my phone feature if you had synced the device to Google.
  2. Select the device name that was lost.
  3. Hit “ring” button and your device will be ringing in full volume around 5 minutes even though you set it in silent or else vibrate mode.
  4. Hit “lock” button and your device will ask the new password so that individual who gets your phone cannot access your device anymore.
  5. Hit “erase” button in Android Device Manager and your data in the device will be permanently erased. However, you must know that data in SD card may not be erased completely or none at all.

The Recommended Android Manager on PC

Android Manager - Recently we see that people always bring smartphone in their hands. People do their work on smartphone and get entertainment from smartphone too. Most smartphones in the market use android as their system because android offers convenient access for its users to get and manage everything. Files on android device also can be access via PC/desktop when users have no access to reach their android device. Since there are many android manager PC software, we just going to give you information about the most download software. Let’s take a look.


MoboRobo is a free software to manage file on Android and iPhone devices to PC. MoboRobo can backup and restore data of your device like message, contact, multimedia files and so on. It is also can manage the multimedia files and application data via desktop. You even can update and install new apps from MoboRobo Store. The downsides from this software are the long duration of installation, some files cannot be read by software, for instance, 3GP files and only Windows PC which able to use the software.

Android Manager


Mobogenie is also one of free android manager software in the market. You can backup and restore data, manage multimedia files and applications, manage text messages, call log and contact and also manage the ads and notification to desktop. The downsides of Mobogenie are the interface is not friendly to manage the files and you only can connect the phone and PC via USB cable since Mobogenie do not provide the Wi-Fi connectivity.


MOBILedit can backup and restore data, manage multimedia files and applications, manage text messages, make a call from desktop PC, create ringtones from various sources, edit photos and videos, and provide multiple connections for your device and desktop, for instance, Bluetooth, USB cable, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The downside of MOBILedit software is you have to pay $25 to install it. Actually, you can use the trial version for free but some features are only available if you already pay it full.


Mobisynapse can manage multimedia files and text messages, sync the outlook files, for instance, calendar between phone and PC, and only able to backup applications and text messages. The downsides of Mobisynapse software are its features are not as many as the other software, it requires log in and download another apps if you want to use the software and you have to pay $29.99 for the software. The price is too expensive comparing to the other android manager software.

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