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Android device manager Google play

Once android device manager google play is launch the users of android are very excited as it is very help in find and locate their lost device. There are several ways to access into this app that makes the android user are easy to access the app even when they do not have second android device. The lack from this app is it is hard to find the setting in android, the app require web browser open for actual interface. But recently, Google has creates innovation as the android device manager is move with its preferable application into application setting so the users are able to access the app easily. From the update, if the users want to access android device manager from their android device, they should access from web to track, lock, and ring or erase their device.

Android device manager Google play

First of all, before you access and use the app, you need to download it in Google Play store. You can find the android device manager in app drawer. With this method, you will find any registered device that sync into your android device manager google play account from that device. After you access the app, you can use and setting the app for locks it, erase or ring it.  This is very important function when your device is not in your hand anymore or you lost it because it has stolen.  With locks, you can locks the phone number screen, with ring function, you can ring it loudly when you lost in somewhere in your home, or erase all important data to protect your information.

There are remaining menu that available to use when you open the app. It is recovery message and phone number. With this option, you can receive detail person who taken or stolen the device. In recovery message, add text such as “this is my phone” or any text that you want. In phone number, type the number you will able to call. With this option, your stolen phone just only has option for “call owner” when they click on it. They will call the phone number you list before so you can receive the inserted number to your device and get detail from the person that take your device.  If you have multiple android device, and it has signed with same Gmail account, you also can set with android device manager google play.
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