Tips to Do Android Device Manager Remove Device

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Android device manager remove device is another feature that can be had when you have an Android device and connect it to Google Account. This feature is useful in kinds of case. First, you may need it to remove your Google Account from your old device that is no longer used. Second, you want to remove your Google Account from a device that has been lost or stolen. Third, you may ever access your Google Account from a device and want to erase it. Otherwise, you may have another reason so you need to remove the device from the list inside your Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager Remove Device

Steps to Remove a Device from Google Account

Follow some instructions below to do Android Device Manager remove device;

1.     Use a computer, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone that is connected to internet to access an internet browser. Then go to

2.     In the web page, you will find many options of features that are available to solve some problems or activate some features in your Google Account. Choose “Sign-in & Security” section and then click the “device activity & notification”.

3.     Then select the “recently used devices” section and then click “Review Devices”.

4.     If you have some options of devices, you will see the options on a list. See every device showed on the list and then click the device that is going to remove. Then click “Remove”.

After the device selected has been removed from your Google Account, you can test the successful Android device manager remove device by opening the device up. Then try to use a Google service. The success removal will be showed by the instruction to re-authenticate your Google Account.
Google has added some security features by using Google account and also the Android ecosystem. When you can remove the devices easily from the Google account, you will get more security in the mobile life of your Android device.

Now you can remove your Android device easily from your Google Account easily and you can do it anytime you need. This feature will be also useful when you lose an android device or left it somewhere unsafe. Removing the device from your google account will not make anyone find your account anymore inside the device. So the account cannot be accessed by other persons and no data that can be seen even the Android device has been held by him. So, try the android device manager remove device now. 

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