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The Alternative Apps to Locate the Missing Phone Besides Android Device Manager

Google play android device manager is a remarkable feature to help you locating the missing phone. It is easy to use, free and has features which are really helpful to locate the phone. However, the app cannot remotely back up the data of your device before you wipe it out or access the device when it is turned off or its data connection is switched off. Some people like to use other apps besides android device manager since they probably have more benefits. What are they? Let’s take a look.

Find My Phone

Find My Phone is a free app that solely has purpose to find the position of your phone. Once you register your phone number, you can trace the position of your phone anywhere and anytime via Google Maps. However, this app is not able to lock your phone, make new password, erase your data, and make your phone rings loudly from remote devices. It just gives you information where the approximate location of your device.

Google play android device manager

Android Lost

Android Lost has features which help you when you lose android device. It can wipe out all data on internal or external storage via text message or internet, lock the phone and ask the new password, and send email notification when someone change sim card on the phone.

Cerberus anti-theft

Just like the other apps, Cerberus anti-theft can track down the position of your missing phone, make it rings loudly, lock it and ask the new password, and erase the data in the phone. You are only given one week trial version to use it for free, after one week has passed you should pay at least $2.99 for lifetime usage. One thing that makes Cerberus anti-theft is great is it doesn’t need to wait for your missing phone switch on its data connection. The app can do its job via SMS.

Wheres My Droid

This app is one of the most popular apps to locate and manage android devices from remote place. Wheres My Droid can make your phone rings loudly, send text messages alert to another devices if someone tries to use your device for texting, tell the exact location of your phone via Google maps and GPS coordinates, create new password to lock the apps in your device, and send you notifications if someone tried to change phone number or sim card. It even can remove the data not only on internal storage but also on external storage. Those are the reason why many people like to use Wheres My Droid than Google play android device manager.
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