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How to Activate Android Device Manager Lock from Remote Place

Android Device Manager lock is one of the things you can do when your Android phone or other device is lost, besides ringing the phone in maximal volume or erasing all of the data. By locking the phone, you can prevent someone to open your phone and see all of the data you save inside. In this way, you can also prevent identity theft or the individual that wants to abuse your pictures and other data.

Locking the Android Phone from Remote Place

Android Device Manager Lock

When you realize that your Android Smartphone is lost, it is better to lock the phone remotely. You can do this if your device has been signed in to Google Account. Use the Android Device Manager to do this. When you are successfully interacting the Android Device Manager with the lost device, you will see the notification. Even you also can see the device’s location since the device is still on and connected to the internet (either via mobile data connection or WiFi connection)

Add Phone Number on the Lock Screen of the Lost Device

Besides doing the Android Device Manager lock, you also can add a phone number on the locked screen. In this way, someone who finds your device can call the phone number directly from the device’s screen that has been locked. Follow some steps below to add the phone number;

1.     Sign in to Android.com/devicemanager by using the same Google Account you have inside the lost device.

2.     Choose the lost device (if you have more than one device) by clicking the arrow beneath the device name.

3.     Click ‘Lock’.

4.     Type the phone number that is going to added in the “Phone Number (Optional)” area.

5.     Click ‘Lock’. Then the locked screen of the lost device will show a button so the number can be hit to call. So someone who finds the phone can call the number.

6.     You can also delete the phone number by following the same steps but then erasing the phone number that has been added before.

By locking and adding phone number to the lost device, you can have a possibility to get your lost Android phone back. Hopefully, the phone is found by someone who wants to give it back to you. If the phone is still active, you can know the phone location by accessing the Android Device Manager and then do the Android Device Manager lock to make sure the phone can’t be opened. 
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