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How to setup android device manager

How to setup android device manager? Android device manager is tools from Google for android device for track this device remotely. This tool is very helpful if your android device is lost or stolen. There are also 3 ways that you can do for using android device manager, using Google search from website, use by app, or use android device.  There are two main things that should keep in mind before use Android device manager. Your device should connect with valid connectivity in order to locate your android device. The second thing, you should enable android device manager permission. To enable your android device manager, go to Google setting> security>android device manager from android device you have. Then click enable option that appears under android device manager section for control android phone remotely.

Setup android device manager

After you enable the android device manager, you are able to use android device manager and track the device remotely. You can do 3 things with this app; there are locking, ring and wipe the data phone. For setup android device manager you need to do these simple 3 steps. The first step is switch your android device manager into ON or OFF. Ensure that the app has been turned on and the device associated with the app is your device. Open the device setting> security> android device manager> switch by remote the device locate and allow lock and erase remote into ON or OFF. The step 2 is ensuring the location access is turned on. To turned on location go to setting> location> tap into ON.  The step 3 is check whether the app is work properly. If you still do not see your device listed, then check for Google account sign in, location turn on, and turn on android device manager app.

If your location is not appears on, then you can try this alternative way. For high accuracy, choose phone with internet connectivity by using GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular network for determine your device location. The Battery saving mode can allows the android phone for determine the location use Wi-Fi. When you finish accessing the location, the device will appear up.  In a case if the android device is use by more than one users then only the owner that able to control to this setting. You also able to hide the devices in Google play. Just click the “Visibility” and then click the setup android device manager you require to hide.
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