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How to Use Android Device Manager Ring, Lock and Erase Data Remotely

Android device manager ring - Have you ever realized how people in this modern era never separate themselves with smartphone? At the moment they opened their eyes, they would check their smartphone. The last thing they saw before they got to bed was also their smartphone. People use smartphones for almost anything, for instance, doing their work, socialize with friends and other people, and get entertain with movies and music. Losing smartphone is like the end of the world for modern people. All data in their smartphone can be used carelessly if it falls on the wrong hands. To protect the privacy of Android users, Google has provided amazing feature that could locate the phone’s position and protect sensitive data remotely. Android device manager ring, lock and erase data from afar once you hit the button from another devices or PC. How to do that? Have a look.

Android device manager ring

The first thing you should do is checking the Google setting on your devices. Check if Android device manager in the setting has been switched on. Usually, it is switched on by default. Then install Android device manager apps from Google Play store. Once the apps installed on your phone, switched on the location service of your phone. The apps will detect the position of your phone. Now let’s get move on to see how you would know the position of your phone by its ring.

When you lose your device, don’t get assume too fast that your device has been stolen. Probably you just mislaid it somewhere. If you meet this situation, open android device manager from another device or website and hit “ring” button. It will make your phone rings loudly for 5 minutes, long enough to help you locating the sound.

When you cannot locate the sound and you see in the map that your device is not in the surrounding area, now you can assume that your phone has been stolen. Hit “lock” button and your phone will be locked with the new password. The dialog box will be appear on the device’s screen asking the new password and phone number to contact you. Whoever individual who took or found your phone won’t be able to access your device anymore.

When no one calls you to bring back your device, now it is time for you to wipe out all data in your phone. Hit "erase” button and your device will wipe out all data in internal storage phone. Unfortunately, you cannot erase all data on external storage. Those are how to use android device manager ring, lock and erase data in android devices from afar. 
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