Using Android Device Manager Last Known Location

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Using Android Device Manager last known location is important when we have no idea where our Android smart phone is. With the busy life we have these days, misplacing or even losing our Android smart phone seems to be something really common. However, with all the important data and personal stuff inside the smart phone, we need to make sure that the device is safe even though we have to do it remotely. Android Device Manager can help you with that. Below, you will read more about it.

Android Device Manager Last Known Location

1.             What Can the Tool Do?

Essentially, the Android Device Manager can help you to secure your phone. It can also be used to track your misplaced Android device or even your lost Android device with no additional apps needed. This tool is genuinely from Google and it is already there in each and every one of Android smart phone. To use this tool, you need to activate the location of your device. Make sure it is connected to internet as well. If your device’s location is turned on and you have completed your smart phone with stable internet connection, the tool can help to track and locate your smart phone. You can also make the smart phone rings. So, if you just misplaced the smart phone and it is hiding not too far away from you, you will be able to hear it rings and you can find it eventually.

2.             Using the Tool to Find the Last Known Location

Using Android Device Manager last known location is very helpful. If the Android Device Manager is active and so is the location of the device, you can remotely track the last known location of the smart phone. Open Google Map and type “track my device”. Your device’s last location or even current location will appear on the map automatically. The name of the place where the device was last used will also appear on the map. Once the device is located, you can go to the map and zoom in the map. You can see the detail of the location where the device is. If you want to track your smart phone more, you can make it rings. Even though the last time you use your smart phone you put it on silence or just vibrate, the Android Device Manager can set your misplaced device at the maximum volume. When you make it rings, it will ring loudly so that you can easily find it. Using Android Device Manager last known location is as easy as the explanation above.

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