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How Does Android Device Manager Work?

A lot of people often ask “how does Android Device Manager work?”. Well, it is actually a very good question because this kind of tool from Google is indeed really essential for your Android smart phone. Considering that smart phone these days is full with personal things and important data, it is such a risk to lose the smart phone. This is why we need Android Device Manager. Below, you will read more about the tool including the way it works.

1.   Android Device Manager and Its Functions

How Does Android Device Manager Work
How Does Android Device Manager Work

Essentially, Android Device Manager is a tool provided by Google. It is a free tool and it is available for all Android users. The tool has a massive function to manage the Android smart phone including remotely tracking and monitoring the location of the Android device. There are basically three things that you can do with this amazing free tool. First, you can remotely lock your device. Second, you can remotely locate and ring your misplaced Android device. Third, most importantly, you can use the tool to remotely wipe the data from your phone. All of the functions mentioned are really helpful when you accidentally lose your Android smart phone. There will be no additional tool required to track your misplaced device if you use Android Device Manager.

2.    How Does It Work?

So how does Android Device Manager work? Well, basically this device can give you access to your misplaced smart phone or to your smart phone remotely by using the location. Google has Google Map and it is quite powerful. By using that, the Android Device Manager is going to able to find the approximate location on the Google Map to find where your smart phone is and where it was last used. After the device is located, you and your device will receive a notification. In order for the Android Device Manager to work properly, you need to do several things from now on. First of all, you need to turn on your device’s location access. Second, you need to be signed to your Google Account. Make sure this account is accessible because you need to open up the notification email sent to the account. Last but not least, you need to make sure that the internet connection in your Android smart phone is strong. Basically, this is the very answer of “how does Android Device Manager work?”. It is useful indeed and a lot of people need to use it.
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