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How to Lock Device with Android Device Manager?

You really need to lock device with Android Device Manager once you found out that your Android device is missing. Losing your smart phone or tablet can be quite a disaster considering that all your data and your personal stuff are in there. That is why you need to prevent anyone from messing up with your personal data by locking the missing Android device. Thankfully, now you can do it really easily by using Android Device Manager. Below is the information for you.

Lock Device with Android Device Manager

1.             Locking Device with the Tool

Lock device with Android Device Manager is essential to prevent anyone from using your personal information. If your device is missing, you need to access the Android Device Manager to lock the device. Once the device is locked, the current holder of the device is not going to able to use the device. Your smart phone or tablet is not going to get locked and only you can open the lock. You can open the lock by inserting the password that only you know. The screen of the missing Android smart phone or tablet is going to display your command and usually it will display “call the owner” button. The holder of the device has nothing else to do with the device but calling you as the owner. Even though the holder of the device is playing with the device, you can still lock it and the device is no longer available to be played with.

2.             How to Lock?

The first thing you need to do is activating the Android Device Manager. You also need to turn on the location of your device. Then, use a valid Google account in your device and give it stable internet connection. All of these things need to be done as soon as you buy the device. If the device does not have all of those things above and lost, you cannot do anything at all to lock it. Once you have all of them, you need to open the Android Device Manager website. Sign in with your Google account and then find the “lock” option. Click the option and then you will be asked to enter your password twice.

After that, you will be able to send a message to be displayed on your device’s screen and then your device will get locked soon after. To lock device with Android Device Manager is incredibly important considering that today people have so many personal things kept on their devices.
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