How to Use Android Device Manager?

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How to use Android Device Manager? It is very simple. There are three methods that you can choose. First, you can use the Android Device Manager website. Usually this method is chosen by anyone who only has one Android device and the device is lost or missing. Second, you can use the Android Device Manager app. This method can be done by people who have more than one Android device.

Third, you can use the Android Wear Device. This is not that common because it is not plenty of people who actually use Android Wear. Below is more information about how to use Android Device Manager.

How to Use Android Device Manager

1.             Using the Website

Accessing Android Device Manager website is very easy. First of all, you need to setup everything in your missing device including turning on the location, giving it internet connection, and signing in the device with valid Google account. After that, open the website of Android Device Manager. Sign in using the same Google account that you only use in the missing or misplaced device. After that, you can choose the option of what you are going to do. You can lock the device, erase the data, or even finding or locating the device. If you choose to locate the device, you just type “find my phone” and the website then shows you the approximate location of your missing device. If you want to find it and make it ring as loud as possible, you can also do that by pressing the “ring” option.

2.             Using the App

If you have more than one Android device and one of them is misplaced or missing, you can use Android Device Manager app on your other device that you still have. From the app, you need to sign in to your Google account. Make sure it is the same account that you use on the missing device. After that, you need to change the device displayed. If it is on your phone, you need to swipe along the lower part of the screen in order to see the devices. If you are using tablet, find an arrow and move it right to the selected device. Then, choose the option of what you are going to do with the missing device. As stated before, you can always remotely lock your device, remotely locate and ring your misplaced Android device, and of course you can use the tool to remotely wipe the data from your phone. It is how to use Android Device Manager and it is very easy.

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