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How to use Google Android Device Manager

Have you ever heard about google android device manager? Seeing from the name that is related to Google, it must be something important.
Yes, it is! Google has launched one new updated application on play store that named Android Device Manager.
Its function is to track the android devices if they lose somehow. So, it uses your google account to keep your eyes on your android devices.

The application lets you to ring, lock and erase the date once you lose the phone. This service or easiness thing in the world will help you to wish the best not to lose your phones.
However, no one knows what will happen in the future. So to prevent bad things happen, let’s rise our awareness to turn on the android device manager in our android phones.

Google Android Device Manager

Google android device manager basically is in the play store market. You can download it for free from it. What you have to do is only install the application and then follow some steps below:
Make sure you have android system minimum using Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later.
Open play store > search for android device manager > install
Login to your android device manager application by opening the application first on your home screen > tap the accept button > select your google account > enter your google account password > tap the sign in button.

To check whether your phone is discoverable, you can do these things:
·         Click the application > open the device manager
·         Choose your phone device from the list
·         Check if your device is discoverable
·         There will be an information where your phone is now located on.
·         If the device is not recognizable, it is likely to be your location is not found. Or maybe the location service is disabled. To enable your location service, you can go to the settings from your home screen. Then tap the location part. And turn on or toggle the enable location services.

How to check your phone location through the internet?

If the scenario is you have lost your device and you get confused what next to do, you just need to open the website of android device manager. Then sign in using your google account and check if your phone is visible.

How to ring your device?

It is easy to do because what you need is only by tapping the ring button and tap again on the ring button. That is the way of how using the google android device manager.
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