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Simple Android Device Manager Setup

In order to use the Android Device Manager, you need to do the Android Device Manager setup first. This tool from Google really is essential to track and locate your Android smart phone when it is accidentally lost or misplaced. With this tool, you will need to additional tools to track your phone. It is already there inside your smart phone and all you need to do is use it to locate where your Android smart phone is. Below is everything you need to know about setting up the tool.

Android Device Manager Setup

1.             Getting Started

First of all, you need to make sure that the operating system of your Android device is at least Android 2.2 (Android Froyo) or above. This free tool from Google is not going to work properly or does not even exist in smart phone with operating system below Android Froyo. Then, make sure that your device is supported by location feature and also it is signed to your Google account. Make sure that the location of your device is turned on. It is important because the core of the tool is tracking the location of your phone. If the location is turned off, the Android Device Manager tool is not going to work properly. When you try to locate your phone via the location and the tool finds it, it will send notification to you via email. Thus make sure that the Google account of yours is active. Once you do it, the Android Device Manager setup is done.

2.             Using the Tool

Using the tool is easy once you’ve done setting up everything. The most common way to use the Android Device Manager is using the website. We cannot use the smart phone because the smart phone is missing somewhere. Thus, grab your PC or laptop and then open the Android Device Manager website. Once you are in the website, you need to sign in. Make sure you sign in with the same Google account you use on the missing phone. If you own more than one Android device and you use same Google account for all your devices, move the arrow on the screen to the name of your missing device. After that, you are logged in to the Android Device Manager. You can track your phone and see the approximate location of your missing device. Do not forget to do the Android Device Manager setup first because without the setup, the tool is not going to work properly.
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