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What Is Android Device Manager?

What is android device manager? Have you ever heard about this? For those who have not known about this thing, we are going to give you clearest explanation about this.

However, let’s talk a little bit about the past. How long have you had chances to have hand phone or smartphone? From the first time the mobile or hand phone was published to public, they were step by step upgraded to be more modern and savvy.

More than ten years, the hand phone types threw many changes from the hardware, components and even the software.
And it comes the latest trend of the newest types of smartphones where single google account can be in more than one smartphones.

Based on this thing, there comes one necessity to control the account to prevent any inappropriate accident going to happen in the future.
Thankfully there is a new innovation to answer the people’s anxiety about the safety of their account. So, its name is android device manager.

What Is Android Device Manager

What is android device manager?

If you look at its name basically we can guess what it is about. It is an application in android that has a function to manage the device or the account in the device.
The specific purpose is to track down the android phone or tablet if the owner loses it. If you lose your android device, you can use this application to know or to get your device’s location.
Android device manager has other capability. It can make a ring, lock the device or erase everything inside the lost device.

There are three steps to set up the android device manager. 

·         The first is switching on the system of the android device manager. You can go to the settings app of your device > choose security > turn on the remotely locate this device and allow remote lock and erase

·         Turn on the location access in your device. How to do it? Go to the setting application > find the location part > turn on the access of your location application.

·         Check if the android device manager is already on. This is the most important part to check whether the app has succeeded to be used to find your device. To check it you can sign in to your google account or just go to android.com/devicemanager.

Try it now to your device and see how useful this application to help you track all activity your account in android is used. Hopefully it will help you to give clear explanation about what is android device manager.

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