How to Use Android Device Manager App

Have you ever heard about android device manager app? I bet this is the first time you read about it. What is the function of this app for you?

Let’s talk about smartphone devices nowadays. As we know that now all smartphones use android as their operating system. We know that we need to have google email address to access all software.
The accounts that you have now can help you more. By having google email address, you now can try the latest helpful application from Google. Its name is Android Device Manager. You can download the application in the play store. Install and try to learn about this application.

The android device manager app helps us to ring, lock and erase the data of the lost phone of yours. It keeps tracking where the position of your phone is. Now let’s learn of how to lock your phone.
This step, you will be asked by the application to set a new password. How to do so? You only need to click or tap the android device manager, then tap the lock button, enter new password and enter the message also the phone number to be displayed on the lock screen.

Android Device Manager App

Besides locking the application, now you can also erase the data inside your lost devices. How to do it? Firstly, you enter the android device manager, tap the erase button and confirm further question by clicking or choosing the erase button on the pop up window.

You also have another way to check your lost phone by opening the website of the android device manager. Just sign in and look the location where your phone is. If you can’t find your phone, there is possibility that you have not turned on the location access from your phone.

You have to notice that the ability to lock, ring and erase is only if your phone is online. If your phone is offline, what you can only do is to reset. This thing will work after it finds the network connection again.

So, why don’t you try the app now? It is likely to have security with high prioritize by using the app. You can search wherever your phone is on. Please remember to turn on the location access and have the network connection in your device either from wifi or mobile data. When once you have lost your device, you will have access to know where your phone’s position is thanks to the android device manager app.

Google Android Device Manager Login Page

What is android device manager login about? Firstly, let’s talk about this application a little bit. At first, you must be wondering what it is for. What android has to do with this application?
Basically, as the trend nowadays that one person can have more than one android devices, so this application from google will help you to control or manage all your devices’ accounts.
Besides the function to help you managing the accounts, it is also a helpful thing to help you track down your lose android smartphones.

However, it needs some steps to turn on its capability that need your permission to do so. Don’t worry because the steps are easy to do. It only uses the settings in your android device.
What you have to prepare is the application of the android device manager. Go to the play store application, then search for the Android Device Manager by Google Inc. Then click or tap the Install button. Wait its downloading process and after finish, you can do these below steps for login.

Android Device Manager Login Page

The Steps of Android Device Manager Login

·         Find your device manager from the app drawer or home screen

·         Choose the accept word button that means that you will sign in to the google account of yours

·         Once you arrive at the homepage of your google account, you will be asked to enter your password

·         After write or type the password, you only need to tap the sign in word button.

If your question is only the way to login to the android device manager login, so those above answers are the final statements.

However, what you need the most is not only the above things right? There is more important as the final step to check the capability of the application. So to confirm if your device is recognizable or discoverable, you can check to the device manager part and then check if the device is in discoverable state.

On the screen, you will see the device manager look. By the sight, in glance, you can see four important. First, at the top, you will see the written words say Device Manager your email address.
The second part is the map of your device. The third is the type of your device. And the last is the ring, lock and erase buttons.

So, this is all about android device manager login. Hope it helps you preventing the further bad thing happens and hope you can share this helpful application to your family and friends.

Android Device Manager Apk Download

Android device manager apk now is becoming the trending topic. It is the top list of apk in the play store because its helpful function and its trusted publisher that is from google.
Google produces this app because nowadays most people use smartphone connected to the google email addresses.

Play store works with google to make a main database for any accounts in the internet. It is proved from the first time you buy the android device. You are asked to log in to your google email addresses. This is for the entire process using all google accounts and accessibility.
After you signed in with your google account, you will have easier ways to download and open the installed application. It is because all the programs need logging in steps using your email especially the google mail addresses.

Android device manager apk comes as a solution for those who have had anxiety to keep their phones safe. We can guarantee or make sure that we never lose our phones. So, the prevention step is by installing the android device manager.

Android Device Manager Apk

It will help you to relax because you have three things to do whenever your phone is lost. First is you can ring or call your lost android device. Second, you can lock the device. The last is the ability to erase all the data.
What you have to do is just downloading it from the play store. Or later you can open android device manager website.

If you choose to download it from the play store, you can set up from that application. Make sure you have turn on the settings of location access service and you have the network internet connection.
You need to turn on your GPS and then go to the application and check all the things you think you need to do such as signing in your google mail address then activate the access.

For the view of your device manager through the website, first you have to sign in to your account. You will be asked to enter your password.
After you have signed in, you will see a pop up window says, “Welcome to Android Device Manager”. Then you have to choose whether you want to accept the request to access your location or not. If yes, just click Accept button.

Then there will be a screen says it is contacting your device. Wait the loading until finish. While you are waiting for the loading, you can see that there are two buttons under the loading process. They are ring and enable lock and erase.

Those are the things you can do with android device manager apk while your phone is away from you.

Google Android Device Manager Remove Device

Hi, IT lovers, have you downloaded google device manager remove device from the play store? Yes the name is not that long. The actual or real application name is only google device manager.
Why has it to be related to google? Because google is the one who created this application for our further security system.

As we know that nowadays most people are using smartphone controlled by android operating system which it uses google as the main control data save application.
Google email address that you have had, will be used all the times whenever you download and use any application in android. The google gmail lets you have all access through many things by only signing in on one email account in google.

They like save all the history and other data reader administration to help you have easiness in log in in many software. Google device manager remove device is the solution if you lose your phone. So, let’s learn how to activate it.

Google Device Manager Remove Device

First, you download from the google play store. Then after you have successfully installed the application, go to your device manager on your home screen. And then follow further instructions there.

One thing you should know that you have to well-prepared beforehand. Here are some requirements that you have to do:

·         You have to know that your lost android device must be connected to your google account

·         You must have internet access in your lost phone or device so by this, it means you will have nothing done if there is no internet connection.

·         You must enable the android device manager first to track all the mobile phones through google application settings.

By knowing those requirements, it is hoped that you have awareness to keep your phone safe. But if bad luck comes, you can rely on the android device manager to work for you.
You can log in to your google device manager on your smart phone and after log in, you will see all devices.

You can do three actions such as to ring, lock and erase the data. Please turn on the device manager setting first.
If you think that your android device is in your house or office, you can simply ring it and give a missed call.

It is a helpful application for android users who control more than one google account. Google has saved our life by providing this application. We have to keep our phone around us so that we do not have to have bad moment by losing our phone.
But if something happens, google device manager remove device will save our data.


Find My Phone Android Device Manager

Do you think you have read about find my phone android device manager application? It is a new update application for android users by the Google Inc.

You can simply find the application in the play store. Then install it and then sign in to the application. After it has been installed successfully, go to your home screen and tap on it.
Then, you will see a screen with three parts that are the email address of yours, the maps and the three buttons of ring, lock and erase the data.

Find My Phone Android Device Manager
Find My Phone Android Device Manager

How to access it? The first rule is by turning on the location access on your google location settings. Check or tick the box because it means that you will allow google to use your location any time.
Then you can go to the device manager and tick the boxes to keep your device connected. Don’t forget that you need to turn on your mobile data.

This application will not work if you do not mobile data access. So, there are two requirements that are you need to turn the GPS on and you need to have internet access in your phone.
Find my phone android device manager will help you to track any android device of yours whether it is stolen or not.

In case if the bad thing happens to you that your phone is lost, you can track down where the position of your android phone is. First, be quick to download this application from the play store now. Connect the device into your google account.

Next is make internet access in your phone. Then allowing your android device manager or ADM to get access of your device location. It is set by default in ON button. You can change it later through google setting application.

The requesting location will be asked to know where is your position is. If your device is with you, you will also be able to see the device is in your house with its location’s address.
And it happens if your mobile phone is lost, you search through the android device manager website, you will see where your phone is.
So, how to check whether your application works well? Simply sign in to your google and see whether the location is recognizable or not.

Choose the device you want to track and the application will help you further. Find my phone android device manager will really help you to make such helpful solution to find your lost android devices. 

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