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Android Device Manager Apk Download

Android device manager apk now is becoming the trending topic. It is the top list of apk in the play store because its helpful function and its trusted publisher that is from google.
Google produces this app because nowadays most people use smartphone connected to the google email addresses.

Play store works with google to make a main database for any accounts in the internet. It is proved from the first time you buy the android device. You are asked to log in to your google email addresses. This is for the entire process using all google accounts and accessibility.
After you signed in with your google account, you will have easier ways to download and open the installed application. It is because all the programs need logging in steps using your email especially the google mail addresses.

Android device manager apk comes as a solution for those who have had anxiety to keep their phones safe. We can guarantee or make sure that we never lose our phones. So, the prevention step is by installing the android device manager.

Android Device Manager Apk

It will help you to relax because you have three things to do whenever your phone is lost. First is you can ring or call your lost android device. Second, you can lock the device. The last is the ability to erase all the data.
What you have to do is just downloading it from the play store. Or later you can open android device manager website.

If you choose to download it from the play store, you can set up from that application. Make sure you have turn on the settings of location access service and you have the network internet connection.
You need to turn on your GPS and then go to the application and check all the things you think you need to do such as signing in your google mail address then activate the access.

For the view of your device manager through the website, first you have to sign in to your account. You will be asked to enter your password.
After you have signed in, you will see a pop up window says, “Welcome to Android Device Manager”. Then you have to choose whether you want to accept the request to access your location or not. If yes, just click Accept button.

Then there will be a screen says it is contacting your device. Wait the loading until finish. While you are waiting for the loading, you can see that there are two buttons under the loading process. They are ring and enable lock and erase.

Those are the things you can do with android device manager apk while your phone is away from you.
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