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Find My Phone Android Device Manager

Do you think you have read about find my phone android device manager application? It is a new update application for android users by the Google Inc.

You can simply find the application in the play store. Then install it and then sign in to the application. After it has been installed successfully, go to your home screen and tap on it.
Then, you will see a screen with three parts that are the email address of yours, the maps and the three buttons of ring, lock and erase the data.

Find My Phone Android Device Manager
Find My Phone Android Device Manager

How to access it? The first rule is by turning on the location access on your google location settings. Check or tick the box because it means that you will allow google to use your location any time.
Then you can go to the device manager and tick the boxes to keep your device connected. Don’t forget that you need to turn on your mobile data.

This application will not work if you do not mobile data access. So, there are two requirements that are you need to turn the GPS on and you need to have internet access in your phone.
Find my phone android device manager will help you to track any android device of yours whether it is stolen or not.

In case if the bad thing happens to you that your phone is lost, you can track down where the position of your android phone is. First, be quick to download this application from the play store now. Connect the device into your google account.

Next is make internet access in your phone. Then allowing your android device manager or ADM to get access of your device location. It is set by default in ON button. You can change it later through google setting application.

The requesting location will be asked to know where is your position is. If your device is with you, you will also be able to see the device is in your house with its location’s address.
And it happens if your mobile phone is lost, you search through the android device manager website, you will see where your phone is.
So, how to check whether your application works well? Simply sign in to your google and see whether the location is recognizable or not.

Choose the device you want to track and the application will help you further. Find my phone android device manager will really help you to make such helpful solution to find your lost android devices. 
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