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How to Use Android Device Manager App

Have you ever heard about android device manager app? I bet this is the first time you read about it. What is the function of this app for you?

Let’s talk about smartphone devices nowadays. As we know that now all smartphones use android as their operating system. We know that we need to have google email address to access all software.
The accounts that you have now can help you more. By having google email address, you now can try the latest helpful application from Google. Its name is Android Device Manager. You can download the application in the play store. Install and try to learn about this application.

The android device manager app helps us to ring, lock and erase the data of the lost phone of yours. It keeps tracking where the position of your phone is. Now let’s learn of how to lock your phone.
This step, you will be asked by the application to set a new password. How to do so? You only need to click or tap the android device manager, then tap the lock button, enter new password and enter the message also the phone number to be displayed on the lock screen.

Android Device Manager App

Besides locking the application, now you can also erase the data inside your lost devices. How to do it? Firstly, you enter the android device manager, tap the erase button and confirm further question by clicking or choosing the erase button on the pop up window.

You also have another way to check your lost phone by opening the website of the android device manager. Just sign in and look the location where your phone is. If you can’t find your phone, there is possibility that you have not turned on the location access from your phone.

You have to notice that the ability to lock, ring and erase is only if your phone is online. If your phone is offline, what you can only do is to reset. This thing will work after it finds the network connection again.

So, why don’t you try the app now? It is likely to have security with high prioritize by using the app. You can search wherever your phone is on. Please remember to turn on the location access and have the network connection in your device either from wifi or mobile data. When once you have lost your device, you will have access to know where your phone’s position is thanks to the android device manager app.
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