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How to Use Android Device Manager for PC

Don’t panic if you lose your beloved Android-based smart phone or tablet since you can have Android Device Manager for PC to trace your lost device. This app in your PC will find the location of your Android devices that associated with your account in Google, erase all the date in your lost device, and reset the PIN of your lost device screen lock. Another greatest thing about this app is that Google has updated the app by adding it with remote password changes. There are many reasons why you need to have this app in your PC. Take a look at possible reasons stated below:

·         You can enjoy great graphics on larger screens.

·         You simply don’t want the app in your small screen smart phone or tablet. You just want the app run in your laptop or Pc, that’s all.

·         You can have this app in your PC because you run out of storage in your smart phone or tablet.

You can install Android Device Manager for your PC that runs Window XP, Window 10, Window 8.1, Window 8, Window 7, and we also can install this app on Mac Book and iMac with Mac OS X. Obviously we need Android emulators to do the installing, such as Andy OS Android emulator, Blue Stacks, Blue Stacks 2, and APK file via Blue Stack and Blue Stack 2.

If you have finished installing this Android Device Manager for PC the way you like it, take a look at the way to use the app on PC below.

Android Device Manager for PC

The way to use Android Device Manager App on PC:

Turn on your PC and sign in with your account in Google. The account should be the same with the lost device’s Google account. The PC is of course supposed to be connected to internet if you want to see your lost device and detect the current location of it. Google will give you suggestion to contact the police if needed. On the interface of the app, you can find and click Lock and Erase Enable and Ring. These three will be able to help you trace your lost device even easier. The Ring one is to make the lost device ring for maximum five minutes with the maximum volume. The Lock is for helping you do the screen locking, and the Erase is for deleting the data in your lost device, so that the important and private data cannot be misused by other people. If you turn on the Enable Lock and Erase on Android devices the data inside will go away. Unluckily, if you don’t turn on this Enable Lock and Erase option, then the data can be opened and misused by people for terrible purpose. The iCloud Lock on Find My iPhone is a lot better than this. You know that the device can be locked for good.

What do you think? Don’t you think the app is great? It is greater if you find this article helpful. Go install this Android Device Manager for PC
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