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Activate Android Device Manager Helps You to Save Your Android Devices and Data

Activate android device manager becomes a right way to prevent lost smartphone. Losing smartphone is a suck moment that you had. It makes you lose important documents, personal photos, contact numbers, and surely material. To avoid this suck incident, you may download and install an application for android called as android device manager. This application is almost as similar to Find my iPhone that is able to find your smartphone location and save your phone when it gets lost. Do you want to activate android device manager? Let’s read the following ways.

What is Android Device Manager?

Android device manager is a feature made of Google to help users of android to track the lost phone. This feature is available in almost all devices of Android minimally 2.2 version with a condition of installed Google Apps. Though it looks useful, it cannot be used for several things including tracking smartphone in not active condition, controlling or destroying smartphone from distance, taking data from the lost smartphone, and seeking smartphone location when it had been reset.

Activate android device manager

What Are Functions of Android Device Manager?

After you identify some prohibited things using this android device manager, you wonder why the functions of this device. What is android device manager for? Here is the list of android device manager functions.

Tracking Your Smartphone Position

Android device manager is able to track lost smartphone position by exploring geolocation ability in android device. Though it is sometimes inaccurate, it makes users get the last location where the smartphone exists.

Hiding Your Smartphone in Silent Mode

In addition, this application can be used to find smartphone location in a hidden place. If you often forget to put smartphone, for example, in the cupboard, you can use this application to play its ringtone though it is in a silent mode. Loud ringtone can be heard for 5 minutes easing you to find it.

Locking Your Smartphone

Activate android device manager can help you to lock smartphone. If the lost smartphone doesn’t use lock screen, this feature is the first thing to activate before user’s data can be accessed by the others.

Deleting the Content of Your Smartphone

If you have conducted all above steps but it is not successful, you surely need to buy a new smartphone. But, before purchasing it, you must delete all data in your lost smartphone in order that it is not accessed by the others.

How to Activate Android Device Manager

Do you want to enjoy those benefits and functions of android device manager? You should activate it soon. This application can be downloaded in android devices through Google. Firstly, you open an application of Google Settings in your android. Then, install an application of android device manager. Before installing, you should download it. After that, choose android device manager and put a tick on Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remoter Factory Reset. Those have functions to recognize location and delete all data on your android. This android device manager can be used. Those are some things and steps to activate android device manager.
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