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Android device manager alternative

Who does not know about the famous application to track down the android devices? It has been spread that the application of android device manager alternative has been used in big numbers since it appeared for the first time.

Android device manager is the work between Android and Google. It simply connects between these two things and you will like to bring the world on the palm of your hands. If you are wondering how to use it, you have two ways in common. They are through website or through downloaded application. After you are able to sign in to those applications, you can find and locate your devices.

Then you can decide whether you want to ring the device so that people will get shocked, if it is stolen, or you just simply get notified where it is. Other benefits are you can lock the phone from the current of yours. It helps you to save the devices before it is used violently by unknown person. The last usage you can use from the android device manager is that you can erase all the data in the lost or targeted Android device.

Android device manager alternative

The next question appears. Does the android device manager have other alternatives? Yes, it does. Here are the examples:
1.             Prey
2.             Cerberus
3.             Lookout Mobile Security
4.             Find My Iphone
5.             Android Lost
6.             Hexnode MDM
7.             Avast! Anti – Theft
8.             Whres My Droid
9.             iLostFinder
10.          iAlertU
11.          Mobile Defense
12.          LocationItTight
13.          Plan B
14.          AVG Mobilation AntiVirus
15.          CodeProof
16.          Samsung DIVE
17.          Track&Protect
18.          SmrtGuard
19.          SeekDroid
20.          AntiDroidTheft
21.          UnTouchedMe
22.          Comodo Anti Theft
23.          My Antitheft & Antivirus
24.          GadgetTrak
25.          iHOund

Some of them can be used both for Android and iPhone. But some of the others are only specialized for one type only. For example:

-               Prey is very light application that will help you find your mobile or laptop using windows or mac os.

-               Cerberus is a famous anti – theft android application and becomes the best protection to recover the lost or stolen android device. The works are similar to the android device manager. You can lock and erase the device. It even gives you chance to send messages.

-               Lookout Mobile Security uses and combines higher grade security for the end user. It simply protects your lost device from unwanted acts by unknown person. It has variety threats for the loss, viruses, theft, hackers and malware.
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