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How to remove android device manager

Have you heard about the latest cool ability that google gives to you through android devices? Its name is android device manager. It is like an application where you can monitor or search your smartphone if in case you lose it.

You can try to use it first and check whether later on, you need it or not. Some people will see it as a fortune to have in case of losing their smartphones accidentally in the future. But the others think differently. They need more privacy so it is better for them not to use it.

Then how if you first want to use it then another time want to turn it off? How to remove android device manager. Here are some of the tips:

-               Go to the myaccount.google.com
-               Go to the ‘sign – in & security’ and touch or tap on ‘device activity & notification’
-               Look at the ‘recently used devices’ part then touch or tap on the ‘review devices’
-               Touch your device if you want to remove just tap on the ‘remove’

Those are the help if you think you still do not need the Goggle Android Device Manager. It really helps if you need some tracking devices in order to help you out finishing your work. Works that need this kind of tracking devices are like reality show programs.

How to remove android device manager

If you find difficulty in removing that app, you can try to read below instruction to hide the smartphone from showing up on the lists of yours:

-               Go to your Play Store application from the desktop or laptop’s browser
-               Click on the gear icon (usually it is on the top right corner of the screen)
-               Select or click the Settings option
-               After arriving at the page ‘My Devices’, you will see ‘Unnamed Device’.
-               Look at the ‘Visibility’ section or column, you will see the check boxes of the ‘Show in Menus’
-               By default, the check boxes all are ticked.
-               To remove the device from the list of all smartphones you have registered in Google Account before, you have to remove it by simply unchecking the box in this step.

These ways, of removing the connection between the devices and the Google account, are to give better awareness to all of us that privacy should be prioritized amongst all. It warns us to get prepared before losing the smartphone and its data inside. And it is all up to you whether you want to get detected by google or not later on.
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