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Android Smartphones VS Apple’s iPhones?

What is better an iphone or an androidWhat is better an iphone or an android?“ Maybe, this is the most asked question asked by people when considering purchasing a smartphone. Some people that have used an iPhone may will likely recommend or choose to go to that path. The same thing will be done by most people who used to have Android smartphones. Actually, there are a few pros and cons of each product that can be used to take the decision.

The battery on iPhone is built-in. It requires a technical knowledge to be able to replace the battery when malfunctions. Maybe, some Android vendors made the same way, but not all of them, leaving buyer with more option. Apple’s iPhone uses built-in storage and we cannot expand it. Some Android smartphones are this way, but most of them bring an expanded storage slot in the form of SD card.  On iPhone all apps and music that are downloaded have to be done from Apple. Smartphones with Android  OS are more open-sourced; it allow apps and music to be downloaded from any sources. That is the reason why most people asked about what is better an iphone or an android.

Every iPhone brings a set of headphones and a battery charger. Almost all Android products come with a battery charger, but not all of them comes with headphones.  Newer iPhone versions record video in 4k resolution while newer Samsung Galaxy phones are able to take a better low-light picture and they are water-resistant. Smartphones with Android OS, especially Samsung, have a display mode namely "easy mode", which is a special mode that can be used for putting the most used applications on the front screen as well as allowing the users to set up the display of favorite contacts in order to give quick and easy call. For elderly people, the feature is really helpful especially because they are easily overwhelmed sometimes. Apple’s iPhone brings a special feature named face-time; a video calling feature between two iPhone users. This feature is useful for some people who's family members use iPhones because they can easily communicate each other more often and easily. Maybe, Android smartphones do video calling,  but it is easy to operate. So, the best answer for “what is better an iphone or an android?” question is depending on your needs, budget and requirements.

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