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How to Share Calendar between iPhone and Android

Share Calendar between iPhone and AndroidIf you are a user of Android and iPhone mobile device, you might want to know about how to share calendar between iPhone and Android. For people who have solid activity with a variety of important agenda, calendar presence certainly become quite important in a phone device. In addition, the calendar can also be used as a recording various important moments in life's journey. When you switch the mobile device, you certainly will need an easy way to share calendar from iPhone to Android that can be used to transfer data from your Android device to iPhone or vice versa. In this case, you can take advantage of iCloud Calendar, or other applications such as Move to iOS to move data from calendar information in a single mobile device to other mobile phones.

How to take advantage of iCloud calendar is easy. In this case, you need to have a Google account. You can export the calendar in .ica file. Furthermore, you can upload to Google Calendar. After that, you can synchronize your Google account on your Android phone or other device. Synchronize your Google account will be easier for you when you want to share calendars between iPhone and Android. Of course, you must ensure that the information or data that you want to to be fully synchronized with your Google account. By synchronizing, you will be easier to divide the calendar to your Android device.

Additionally, if you wanted to share calendar information from Android to iPhone, you can use Move to iOS apps that you can download free on the Google Play Store. After performing the download, you can install the application. Furthermore, you can go to Settings to manage what would you transfer from the Android mobile device. This application is only compatible for Android devices 4.0 and higher. How to use this application is quite easy. First, you open Apps and data on your iPhone device. Furthermore, you can choose Move Data from Android that will then bring the 10-digit code. On Android devices, you can enter the 10-digit code and then you can choose the data to be transferred if the contacts, mail, calendar, or otherwise. Furthermore, you can press the Next button and wait until the process is completed the data transferring. This is an easy way to share calendars between iPhone and Android.

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