Simple Way on How to Transfer Contact List from iPhone to Android

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How to transfer contact list from iPhone to AndroidAre you confused about how to transfer contact list from iPhone to Android when you want to change your mobile device? You might be experienced to move the contact list or other data from a single mobile device to another mobile device that uses the same operating system. However, you might have questions about the proper way to transfer contact lists from different mobile device platforms such as iOS to Android. Some people even decide not to replace the phone with different phone platforms because they do not know the proper way data transfer. Whereas, when you want to dig further information, you will discover how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android in an easy way.

If you do not know about how to transfer contact list from iPhone to Android, you might think that the process of transferring this data will be complicated. However, when you already understand how easy process, you will see that this will greatly help you in transferring contact list from iPhone to Android. You should note that in order to transfer contacts from Android to iOS devices will be easier to do when you have never done before such contact synchronization through a Gmail account. You can synchronize your Gmail account to save the contact list on iPhone that can then be synchronized to your Android device to get a list of the contact. Although the iPhone using the operating system of Google's competitors, Google still give support for iOS-based devices that will allow you to synchronize with your Gmail account.

Another way is to use iCloud to get .vcf file that will be imported to your Android phone. How to get the .vcf file is like this. First, you need to open the Settings application on the iPhone and choose "Mail, Contacts, Calendar'. Furthermore, you can open the Settings and iCloud and turn on Contacts. In this way, the entire list of contacts in the iPhone device will be uploaded to iCloud service. After that, you can use the browser to open and log in using an Apple ID. You select 'Contacts' and then click the gear icon in the bottom left corner and click 'Select All'. Then, you click on the gear again and select 'vCard Export'. When you download a .vcf file, you can import the file into Google Contacts or directly on your phone. This could be another alternative on how to transfer contact list from iPhone to Android is easy and simple.

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