Simple Way To View Iphone Emoji On Android

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Texting through smartphone now is greater and informative. The texting will be special by the use of emoji. Emoji could be the special matter to show our face in texting with friends. However, sometimes, we get limited emoji because of the different platform. For the users of Android, it will be nice to try the list of iPhone’s emoji. The unique emoji of iPhone will be an interesting matter to make the chatting more special. Let us see some simple ways to view iPhone emoji on Android. Seeing the iPhone emoji on Android now is very easy to do!

To view iPhone emoji on Android

1. Rooting the device

Before viewing the iPhone emoji on Android, you need to root your device. This matter is important because device needs the larger access to get the iPhone emoji. By rooting the device, you will get that access. See the type of your smartphone because the way to root is different based on the smartphone device. You could learn the rooting way through video or call the expert when it is needed.

2. Install emoji switcher 

After finishing the rooting process, the second way that you need to do here is installing the emoji switcher. Well, this is an important way to view iPhone emoji on Android. By installing the emoji switcher, it means that you will get new access to enjoy iPhone emoji in your android. Go to the Google Play and then install this app. In the the iPhone emoji on Android apps, there are some menus that you need to learn it more.

3. Install new font and emoji

By the use of emoji switcher app, you are able to install the new font and emoji. Here, you are able to view iPhone emoji on Android with some unique choices. There are many kinds of emoji, which will make chatting looks more interesting. After installing kinds of iPhone emoji on Android, as you want, you are free to use it in kinds of installed chatting apps in your smartphone. However, you need to know that maybe the emoji you are used cannot be read in friend’s smartphone because they use old android version.

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