The Best Android Antivirus Program is Avast

what is the best antivirus for Android phones
We have to say that one of the hottest questions among Android users. Is about what is the best antivirus for Android phones. As we know, the majority of Android antivirus program and app are actually packages. They include a host of other tools, ranging from contact filtering to remote lock. Now, let’s take a look at the top Android security apps and then trying to find out what can they do.

Avast Antivirus & Security is a genuinely free Android antivirus program, offering an amazing range of tools. The app brings antivirus protection, which scans all of apps and then providing details on what they are doing. It also has a web shield scanning URLs for malware. We will be able to find various additional tools in this program, including a call blocker aimed for blacklisting problem numbers, application locker to PIN protect private applications as well as Wi-Fi scanning options, improving the security and the speed of our Android smartphones. Unfortunately, the application locking feature is only limited to two apps unless we subscribe to the “Pro”. The upgraded version is able to remove ads and brings us direct support access from the apps. If we ask some experts about what is the best antivirus for Android phones, Avast Antivirus & Security might appear on the first list. It happens because Avast Antivirus & Security is a solid option with a detection rate of the latest Android malware in real time of 99.9% and rising to 100% for malware discovered in the last a month. The fact puts this antivirus near the top of the best antivirus charts in terms of malware detection combined with extra functions. Avast Antivirus & Security app has a light footprint with no discernible drain on battery life. It has no impact on general performance of our Android smartphones.

The free version of the Avast Antivirus & Security Android provides a decent range of features. It keeps our Android phones safe from malware as well as offering extra protection for rooted Android devices. So, if we are searching for Android antivirus program for Android, and the primary concern is malware and safe browsing, then this could be the right option to choose because this is the answer for question, “what is the best antivirus for Android phones?”


How if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?

Android Device Manager Location access is turned offHow if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?  We all know that losing Android smartphone is not just terribly inconvenient, but it can also be financially and emotionally devastating. There are experts said that the more we can do to protect ourselves in the event that we lose Android smartphone or have the smartphone stolen, the better. Android Device Manager can massively increase the chances of not only getting our Android smartphone back, but it can also protect ourselves from any other inconvenient cases, such as identity theft. It means, turning off the app will be something dangerous and it is not recommended. This is how to use Device Manager on our Android smartphone as an anti-theft protection. 

We have to know that the Android Device Manager has been around for more than two years now. The Google’s app is specially designed for almost all modern Android devices through the magic of official Play Services. The Device Manager tool is usually switched on by default. However, some Android smartphones do not work that way. So, if it is not work automatically on our smartphones, we can easily enable it by from Google Settings on our Android smartphone. Device Manager requires two different things before we can use it for locating a lost phone. First, the smartphone needs to have remote location enabled we can find in Google Settings - Android Device Manager - Remotely Locate This Device. Then, it also needs to have location access on, so it would not work if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off. We can make sure or enable the location access via Google Settings - Location. When the settings are disabled, the Device Manager app would not be able to locate our lost device.

Android Device Manager also works for Android tablets. However, if we have some user accounts, only the owner of the tablet can activate the app features. We can access Android Device Manager in two ways, which are using the same app on another Android device or accessing the official website of the app. Once we have launched the Device Manager app or logged in on its website, the Android Device Manager will automatically attempt to locate the missing device. When the device is on and get a signal, we will see the location on a map. So, it is something dangerous if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off


Transferring Music Between Android and iPhone Safely

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computerHow if this case happens? One of our friends love most of songs. He/she wants to have the files transferred to his/her smartphone. His/her smartphone is iPhone while our device where the files are placed is running on Android OS. So, how to transfer music from Aandroid to iPhone without computer? The answer is quite hard since there are no third party apps develop such tools. However, this transfer method we share here is the most convenience and the most effective. Many people who have tried to use the tips we share here said that this technique is the simplest and the best. Before you start the transfer process what we need first is a smartphone data transfer program or applications. What most recommended here is the TunesGo. This app helps Android and iPhone users to easily copy tons of music files from Android to iPhone within just a few clicks.

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer? The answer is impossible and too complicated because we have to root the phone first and it is a risky step. The first thing we have to know about TunesGo is that this app is specially designed for both iOS and Android. This app comes to help iOS and Android transferring media files, including music, movies, playlist from each other safely and effortlessly. We can download the free version of this app if want to try the effectiveness and efficiency. With this app, we can also transfer music easily from iPhone to Android. However, if we want to do it we need to ensure that the laptop or computer we will use to transfer music between Android and iPhone had been installed with iTunes, and if not we have to install it first. Next step, open the transfer program and then we have to connect the smartphones to the computer and then launch the TunesGo app. If we enter the primary window, use a couple of USB cables to connect both Android phone and iPhone to the PC respectively.

Both Android and iPhone info will be shown on the main interface of the TunesGo app. "Music", "Movies", "Playlist" will be offered on the display. "Music" helps all songs to be displayed one by one. Click the files we want and then click "Export" on the top of the display. Click "Export to iPhone" and all music files we want to transfer to Android have been sent automatically. So, never ask about how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer, it is something risky and impossible.


What We Have to Know About Android Device Manager Issue

Device management is running Android
Device management is running Android” is an incredible tool for Android smartphone users who are absent minded or just unlucky. When we misplace our Android phone, we can utilize Android Device Manager to make it ring though if the device set up on silent mode. If we lose the Android smartphone, we can easily locate it with a PC or we can even wipe it if we think that there are very sensitive data or files on the phone. Once we lose the Android phone, Android Device Manager will be our last chance and  this is the feature we do not want to be without.

However, something strange happens among Android phone users. There is a fact that the newest update of to the Google Play Services is leaving Android users without Android Device Manager and they really unknown about it. The update version seems to be disabling the ADM entirely for some, but not for every Android users. So, if we have the version of Google Play Services 4.0.30 or 4.0.31 that we can check by clicking Settings - Applications - All - Google Play services, the device management is running Android on our Android phone might be disabled. But, we do not need to worry, because it is very easy to fix. What we need to do is just simply go to Settings – Security - Device administrators then re-enable the Android Device Manager. When we need it in the future and hopefully we never do, we do not want it to be off.

Does it worry other people that big vendor like Google decides to make an update to a crucial part of most smartphones with Android OS that just sneakily disables an important feature that can save someone’s phone? According to experts, that is absolutely ridiculous. However, we as customers can do nothing with it.  What we can do now is just stay smart and keep the feature enabled. When the Android Device Manager is enabled, we have to check on it once in a while. Now, let’s check our device management is running Android, is it automatically disabled?


Choosing the Best Antivirus Program for Android Mobile

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile? In general, there is no best antivirus program. We can make the best choice of antivirus based on our goals, our needs as well as our environment. In order to find the best antivirus for our Android,  we should look at the vendor information, independent reviews and other useful sources.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile

We can try to use essential criteria below if want to find What is the best antivirus for Android mobile:


It suggested  that the antivirus program we choose has to be compatible with our OS, in this case is Android. So, it is better to explore the Play Store.

Protection Range 

The antivirus should protect our Android smartphone from as many threats as it can, not just viruses but also trojans, spyware, malware, adware, password stealers, spam, phishing attacks and others.


The antivirus should be effective and efficient. We can try to find the effectiveness and efficiency by reading test results from independent antivirus certifying agencies. When some antivirus programs were scored by the agencies high, we really cannot go wrong with it.

Installation process 

Best antivirus program has to be easy to install. The interface should be easy, clean and intuitive.

Easy to Use 

We have to admit that most of us want to install, use and then forget the antivirus app. It means, the best antivirus should have default configurations that are acceptable for most Android users.  Moreover, good antivirus program has to be easy to configure and tweak by advanced users at the same time.


Good antivirus for Android offers large features, including the amount of used system resources, applying proactive protection without false positives, Android mobile battery saving mode and other options.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile have automatic update option as well as manual updates to make sure that the virus definitions and program code stay up to date. The best antivirus program must have both online and offline technical support. There must be online knowledge base, tutorials, FAQs and user forums. Good reliable vendors provide 24/7 support where we can ask questions at any moment.

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