How if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?

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Android Device Manager Location access is turned offHow if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?  We all know that losing Android smartphone is not just terribly inconvenient, but it can also be financially and emotionally devastating. There are experts said that the more we can do to protect ourselves in the event that we lose Android smartphone or have the smartphone stolen, the better. Android Device Manager can massively increase the chances of not only getting our Android smartphone back, but it can also protect ourselves from any other inconvenient cases, such as identity theft. It means, turning off the app will be something dangerous and it is not recommended. This is how to use Device Manager on our Android smartphone as an anti-theft protection. 

We have to know that the Android Device Manager has been around for more than two years now. The Google’s app is specially designed for almost all modern Android devices through the magic of official Play Services. The Device Manager tool is usually switched on by default. However, some Android smartphones do not work that way. So, if it is not work automatically on our smartphones, we can easily enable it by from Google Settings on our Android smartphone. Device Manager requires two different things before we can use it for locating a lost phone. First, the smartphone needs to have remote location enabled we can find in Google Settings - Android Device Manager - Remotely Locate This Device. Then, it also needs to have location access on, so it would not work if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off. We can make sure or enable the location access via Google Settings - Location. When the settings are disabled, the Device Manager app would not be able to locate our lost device.

Android Device Manager also works for Android tablets. However, if we have some user accounts, only the owner of the tablet can activate the app features. We can access Android Device Manager in two ways, which are using the same app on another Android device or accessing the official website of the app. Once we have launched the Device Manager app or logged in on its website, the Android Device Manager will automatically attempt to locate the missing device. When the device is on and get a signal, we will see the location on a map. So, it is something dangerous if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off

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