Choosing the Best Antivirus Program for Android Mobile

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What is the best antivirus for Android mobile? In general, there is no best antivirus program. We can make the best choice of antivirus based on our goals, our needs as well as our environment. In order to find the best antivirus for our Android,  we should look at the vendor information, independent reviews and other useful sources.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile

We can try to use essential criteria below if want to find What is the best antivirus for Android mobile:


It suggested  that the antivirus program we choose has to be compatible with our OS, in this case is Android. So, it is better to explore the Play Store.

Protection Range 

The antivirus should protect our Android smartphone from as many threats as it can, not just viruses but also trojans, spyware, malware, adware, password stealers, spam, phishing attacks and others.


The antivirus should be effective and efficient. We can try to find the effectiveness and efficiency by reading test results from independent antivirus certifying agencies. When some antivirus programs were scored by the agencies high, we really cannot go wrong with it.

Installation process 

Best antivirus program has to be easy to install. The interface should be easy, clean and intuitive.

Easy to Use 

We have to admit that most of us want to install, use and then forget the antivirus app. It means, the best antivirus should have default configurations that are acceptable for most Android users.  Moreover, good antivirus program has to be easy to configure and tweak by advanced users at the same time.


Good antivirus for Android offers large features, including the amount of used system resources, applying proactive protection without false positives, Android mobile battery saving mode and other options.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile have automatic update option as well as manual updates to make sure that the virus definitions and program code stay up to date. The best antivirus program must have both online and offline technical support. There must be online knowledge base, tutorials, FAQs and user forums. Good reliable vendors provide 24/7 support where we can ask questions at any moment.

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