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Transferring Music Between Android and iPhone Safely

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computerHow if this case happens? One of our friends love most of songs. He/she wants to have the files transferred to his/her smartphone. His/her smartphone is iPhone while our device where the files are placed is running on Android OS. So, how to transfer music from Aandroid to iPhone without computer? The answer is quite hard since there are no third party apps develop such tools. However, this transfer method we share here is the most convenience and the most effective. Many people who have tried to use the tips we share here said that this technique is the simplest and the best. Before you start the transfer process what we need first is a smartphone data transfer program or applications. What most recommended here is the TunesGo. This app helps Android and iPhone users to easily copy tons of music files from Android to iPhone within just a few clicks.

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer? The answer is impossible and too complicated because we have to root the phone first and it is a risky step. The first thing we have to know about TunesGo is that this app is specially designed for both iOS and Android. This app comes to help iOS and Android transferring media files, including music, movies, playlist from each other safely and effortlessly. We can download the free version of this app if want to try the effectiveness and efficiency. With this app, we can also transfer music easily from iPhone to Android. However, if we want to do it we need to ensure that the laptop or computer we will use to transfer music between Android and iPhone had been installed with iTunes, and if not we have to install it first. Next step, open the transfer program and then we have to connect the smartphones to the computer and then launch the TunesGo app. If we enter the primary window, use a couple of USB cables to connect both Android phone and iPhone to the PC respectively.

Both Android and iPhone info will be shown on the main interface of the TunesGo app. "Music", "Movies", "Playlist" will be offered on the display. "Music" helps all songs to be displayed one by one. Click the files we want and then click "Export" on the top of the display. Click "Export to iPhone" and all music files we want to transfer to Android have been sent automatically. So, never ask about how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer, it is something risky and impossible.

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