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What We Have to Know About Android Device Manager Issue

Device management is running Android
Device management is running Android” is an incredible tool for Android smartphone users who are absent minded or just unlucky. When we misplace our Android phone, we can utilize Android Device Manager to make it ring though if the device set up on silent mode. If we lose the Android smartphone, we can easily locate it with a PC or we can even wipe it if we think that there are very sensitive data or files on the phone. Once we lose the Android phone, Android Device Manager will be our last chance and  this is the feature we do not want to be without.

However, something strange happens among Android phone users. There is a fact that the newest update of to the Google Play Services is leaving Android users without Android Device Manager and they really unknown about it. The update version seems to be disabling the ADM entirely for some, but not for every Android users. So, if we have the version of Google Play Services 4.0.30 or 4.0.31 that we can check by clicking Settings - Applications - All - Google Play services, the device management is running Android on our Android phone might be disabled. But, we do not need to worry, because it is very easy to fix. What we need to do is just simply go to Settings – Security - Device administrators then re-enable the Android Device Manager. When we need it in the future and hopefully we never do, we do not want it to be off.

Does it worry other people that big vendor like Google decides to make an update to a crucial part of most smartphones with Android OS that just sneakily disables an important feature that can save someone’s phone? According to experts, that is absolutely ridiculous. However, we as customers can do nothing with it.  What we can do now is just stay smart and keep the feature enabled. When the Android Device Manager is enabled, we have to check on it once in a while. Now, let’s check our device management is running Android, is it automatically disabled?

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