The Basic of Password Manager Android And PC

“Different password for every website” is the principle has to be used by most people in this digital era. Unfortunately, nobody can remember all those passwords. Luckily, there is password manager android and pc. Password manager app is something popular today because of its functions and features.

Password Manager Android And PC

It is suggested that for sanity and security, we need to install a password manager Android and PC and change all of our passwords, which means that every single one will be different. Moreover, every password we have will be long and harder to crack. Until the internet evolves into something safer and convenient, everyone needs this useful app. We do not have to worry because there are plenty of good options in the market. There are many commercial password manager app and program earned 3.5 stars or more from the experts.

Password manager app is installed as a browser plug-in in order to handle password capture. When we try log in to a secure website, it offers us to save our credentials. If we return to visit the site, there will be an automatic fill in those credentials. If we have done multiple logins for the same website, the app offers an option of multiple account login. Most password managers also have browser toolbar menu of saved logins, which means that we can go straight to a saved website and then log in automatically. There are some application manager apps detect password-change events as well as offering users to update the existing record. Some programs even record our credentials during the signing up process for a new secure site. Getting all existing passwords we have into the app is a good decision. It is because we can identify the weaknesses, duplicate passwords and then replace them with the more solid. Many password manager Android and PC flag weaknesses and duplicate passwords. Some of the apps offer help by giving an update process. Among so many password manager applications, the best ones usually can automate the password-change process for us as users. If we make a new secure account or just update a weak password, we do not want to strain our brain trying to come up with strong and unique passwords. We do not have to remember all of it. It happens because top-rated password manager apps bring built-in password generator. What we need to do is just to ensure that our generated passwords consist of at least 16 characters long.


How to Transfer Music to iPhone from Android Phone

How to send music from Android to iPhone? We all know that some Android users move to Apple’s iPhone because of some reasons. Unfortunately, the Android may has been used for some months or years and it brings many important files, including music. Switching to iPhone means finding a new OS, which has different mechanism. Downloading or buying new music files means spending more money while leaving those files is not an option. That is why we share this technique here. This article below explain about how to send or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone.

send music from Android to iPhone

If we are an Android user and now thinking about switching to iPhone or if maybe we have already made the switch, we may be concerned about sending or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone as well as other important data- photos, contacts, calendar and many more. The first thing we have to remember is making sure that nothing is lost in the process. We must know that transferring data from Android phone to iPhone really could not be simpler. The basic principle is to back up to either a desktop or cloud, and then sync it to the iPhone. Even better, Apple helps us get the answer for how to send music from Android to iPhone question with an Android app specifically to guide us do the entire process.

When we switch to Apple’s iPhone, we can bring all music with us. What we need to do is just using a PC with iTunes to help us transfer music to iPhone from Android phone. If we use a streaming music app, we can go to the App Store and get the app.  Sign in with our user name and secret password. If we use Apple Music, we just need to sign in on iOS device. Here is send music from Android to iPhone using PC with iTunes:

Connect our Android device to the computer and then find the music. Most Android devices 
store these files in “Music”. Install Android File Transfer on a Mac, open it and then go to “Music”.

Choose the songs we want to move and then drag them to a folder on the computer.

Disconnect the Android device and connect our new iPhone to the computer.

Open iTunes on the PC, go to our Library, and then click “Music”.

Open the folder where we put the songs and then drag them to the Music view in the iTunes.

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