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The Best Photo Management Application For Android is Picasa

Best photo management app for androidThe best photo management app for android makes it so easy to enhance photos that we want to edit as well as not feel burdened with the maintaining job of our photo collection ourselves. If we wanted to give a simple edit to a photo, it was up to us to manage every photo. For instances, if we want to improve the brightness or crop a photo, we have to take it into a photo editing app, do the editing, and then save it from the “File” so that we could make a whole new and separate version of the photo file.

However, we have to be careful because if we forget to give it a unique filename, the new version would overwrite the original one. If we use a “non-destructive” editing program, all of the enhancements on photographs will be managed automatically by the program. The photo management application is duplicating the master file to create a new version or is saving all of the enhanced files in a database that are applied in real-time above the master photo file.

If we want to remove the changes, we just need to click “undo” or “reset” button and the photo will be back to its original version. It means that all our original version of the photos are protected. That is the reason why choosing non-destructive best photo management app for Android becomes a sensitive issue. In the Google Play Store there are some photo management application programs recommended by experts because of their longstanding ability for being solid performers and great supports.

One of the photo manager programs is for people with basic needs. This app is the easiest to use. However, it has a limited set of tools. The best part is that the app can be installed and used for free.

The app is Picasa that helps managing photos in a sort of semi-automatic way. With this photo management application we have the option to have a folder that any new photos will automatically be included in Picasa the app. This option enables us to keep originals stored in any folder we want on hard drive, but still having easy way to group those photos into albums virtually and edit them within the app Picasa. That is why Picasa becomes very popular and is said as the best photo management app for Android.

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