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Best Antivirus For Android Phones Free Download

Although has a better security system than the Symbian type, I think android still needs the use of antivirus. The antivirus apps will be useful to block the malware. We all know that malware is one of bad matter, which will stole your data and make the performance of android, down. As we know, there are many kinds of android antivirus in Google Play. Here, we will talk about some best antivirus for android phones free download, which you could choose. See some details of best antivirus for android below.

Best Antivirus For Android Phones Free Download

Avast antivirus

The first best choice for antivirus for android is Avast security. It is one of famous app for keeping the clean of android from malware and other viruses. Avast is nice with the complete features. When you install this antivirus inside your device, you will get great access to protect your phone. Avast has complete scanning using the Wi-Fi connection. Besides, it is also special with the friendly interface, which will make users are easy in operating it.

Sophos free antivirus

The Sophos Free Antivirus could be one of the special choices for the best antivirus for android phones free download. It is the light antivirus, which could be running well through every android device. What make this antivirus special is the complete features. This kind of best antivirus for android is totally free. You could use every features inside this app without any payment. Sounds great, isn’t? Based on the test, this app is able to scan the installed apps, existing app and also the storage media.


Another kind of great and best antivirus for android, which you get freely, is the AVL. It is one of the best antivirus for android phones free download, which you need to know. The AVL is nice with the beautiful look in its view. It has blue as the basic color and will be nice to be used in every android device. In other hand, it has 99.8 percent score in detecting malware all time. AVL is able to scan any kind of apps with different type of file.


The Best Android Antivirus Program is Avast

what is the best antivirus for Android phones
We have to say that one of the hottest questions among Android users. Is about what is the best antivirus for Android phones. As we know, the majority of Android antivirus program and app are actually packages. They include a host of other tools, ranging from contact filtering to remote lock. Now, let’s take a look at the top Android security apps and then trying to find out what can they do.

Avast Antivirus & Security is a genuinely free Android antivirus program, offering an amazing range of tools. The app brings antivirus protection, which scans all of apps and then providing details on what they are doing. It also has a web shield scanning URLs for malware. We will be able to find various additional tools in this program, including a call blocker aimed for blacklisting problem numbers, application locker to PIN protect private applications as well as Wi-Fi scanning options, improving the security and the speed of our Android smartphones. Unfortunately, the application locking feature is only limited to two apps unless we subscribe to the “Pro”. The upgraded version is able to remove ads and brings us direct support access from the apps. If we ask some experts about what is the best antivirus for Android phones, Avast Antivirus & Security might appear on the first list. It happens because Avast Antivirus & Security is a solid option with a detection rate of the latest Android malware in real time of 99.9% and rising to 100% for malware discovered in the last a month. The fact puts this antivirus near the top of the best antivirus charts in terms of malware detection combined with extra functions. Avast Antivirus & Security app has a light footprint with no discernible drain on battery life. It has no impact on general performance of our Android smartphones.

The free version of the Avast Antivirus & Security Android provides a decent range of features. It keeps our Android phones safe from malware as well as offering extra protection for rooted Android devices. So, if we are searching for Android antivirus program for Android, and the primary concern is malware and safe browsing, then this could be the right option to choose because this is the answer for question, “what is the best antivirus for Android phones?”


Choosing the Best Antivirus Program for Android Mobile

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile? In general, there is no best antivirus program. We can make the best choice of antivirus based on our goals, our needs as well as our environment. In order to find the best antivirus for our Android,  we should look at the vendor information, independent reviews and other useful sources.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile

We can try to use essential criteria below if want to find What is the best antivirus for Android mobile:


It suggested  that the antivirus program we choose has to be compatible with our OS, in this case is Android. So, it is better to explore the Play Store.

Protection Range 

The antivirus should protect our Android smartphone from as many threats as it can, not just viruses but also trojans, spyware, malware, adware, password stealers, spam, phishing attacks and others.


The antivirus should be effective and efficient. We can try to find the effectiveness and efficiency by reading test results from independent antivirus certifying agencies. When some antivirus programs were scored by the agencies high, we really cannot go wrong with it.

Installation process 

Best antivirus program has to be easy to install. The interface should be easy, clean and intuitive.

Easy to Use 

We have to admit that most of us want to install, use and then forget the antivirus app. It means, the best antivirus should have default configurations that are acceptable for most Android users.  Moreover, good antivirus program has to be easy to configure and tweak by advanced users at the same time.


Good antivirus for Android offers large features, including the amount of used system resources, applying proactive protection without false positives, Android mobile battery saving mode and other options.

What is the best antivirus for Android mobile have automatic update option as well as manual updates to make sure that the virus definitions and program code stay up to date. The best antivirus program must have both online and offline technical support. There must be online knowledge base, tutorials, FAQs and user forums. Good reliable vendors provide 24/7 support where we can ask questions at any moment.


Protecting Android Tablets and Smartphones with Antivirus

All of us understand the importance of keeping our Android device secure, which is why we need free antivirus for tablet android download. All Android owners should be aware of and more concerned about malware or viruses that can affect their devices. According to research by Juniper Network Global Threat Center's Malicious Mobile Threats Report, only 4% of Android tablets and smartphones installed antivirus app software. Because of that reason, personal data and identity information, including financial passwords and contact lists are vulnerable on unprotected smartphones. Devices infected with Trojan horses, malware and other viruses leave our phone some serious issues since it could send the virus to our contacts or worse. There is a chance for perpetrators to steal our usernames and passwords; it leads to identity theft.

Free antivirus for tablet android download

Protecting our Android tablet from malware and other virus infections with free antivirus for tablet android download is a simple task. We can choose from a trusted anti-virus software providers. A good antivirus would be able to both protect our Android tablets and smartphones from viruses while backing up important data and allowing us to track or wipe the device if it is stolen or lost. Everyone is able to find a good, reliable antivirus since the Play Store brings a wide variety of the virus protection app. What we need to do is just choosing anti-virus software from reliable suppliers. We can recognize the reliability of the developers by reading the reviews. A good antivirus would be able to protect our personal information on the Android device.

Clean Master and AVG are just two names we can trust if it is about Android viruses and malware. Both developers are so popular in the industry because they have the ability to protect personal data as well as locking the device when it is stolen or lost. Some android tablets and smartphones use one of them as default program. However, we have to remember that we have to update the software regularly. Using an out of date program is not recommended since it cannot protect our device from infections. So, do not forget to use free antivirus for tablet android download.


Clean Master antivirus for Android

One of the most common questions about Clean Master antivirus for Android, is it really useful? Many people, especially Android users asking these question on online forums. If you have the same question, this is the explanation you may want to hear. Basically, Clean Master app delete all junk files in order to boost up the speed of your Android device. It deletes these following things below:

Cached data
When the system and apps work, they will save cached data in the RAM. Clean Master antivirus for Android is smart enough in cleaning system and apps cached data. However, if you delete all cached data with Clean Master, some of the apps may cache them again.

Clean Master antivirus for Android

Ad Junk
Applications and websites may save a lot of junk files in the phone memory. Clean Master app is able to get rid of them.

Obsolete apks
This software program is able to find all obsolete or outdated applications in your Android phone as well as suggesting you to uninstall or update the apps with a backup.

Memory boost
Android OS and other applications needs room to operate and they use RAM memory to do their work. Here, Clean Master will force stop them as well as deletes the RAM space in order to boost memory.

Advanced Clear
Clean Master contains advanced tool you can use for deleting big files, cache as well as temporary data. However, it is better to know about the drawbacks of using Clean Master.

Spend battery life
Clean Master app eats your device’s battery life. As soon as it will kill the app from running in background, after some time the apps may start working again and it is consuming more power.

Spend unnecessary space
Though Clean Master is just 15 MB in size but it also save cached data in the device’s RAM memory so it eats unnecessary space.

Slow down the phone speed
Clean Master antivirus for Android is specially made to boost up the speed of your device but the performance will be slowing down. It means, the reality is different from what developers claim.


Best Android Antivirus For Free

Do you know the features you have to look for when searching for antivirus for Android tablets free? Besides its capability to clean up viruses, spyware and adware programs, the antivirus must has an up to date database and has the ability to scan important Android system files for infections. Real-time scanning and mobile applications inspections for dangerous infections are also important features to look for. If you want to protect your personal data, you can also choose Android antivirus with nti-theft protection features because it can detect if something malicious wants to steal your personal data or information kept on it.

Antivirus for Android tablets free

Here are some antivirus for androids tablets free as well as premium, paid app you can choose:

AVG Antivirus Free

Among so many Android antivirus programs, AVG Antivirus Free is definitely one of the best. This application gives a comprehensive diagnostic of all email,  SMS, installed applications and also storage devices. This antivirus contains malware scan and theft protection features to help you protect important data, if your Android tablet gets stolen. Similar to the PC version, AVG Antivirus for Android is totally free application and this is a dependable option you can choose.

SMobile Security Shield

SMobile Security shield is a custom-designed software program for Android that includes an antivirus program, anti-theft service and a back up support feature. The anti-theft program allows you to clean up all crucial information whenever you lost your device.

Super Security Standard

Super Security standard edition is one of the most popular antivirus programs for Android. The free software application offers every fundamental protection features you need. It provides cloud based antivirus engine that will help you clean up malware. It also has a 'strongbox' you can use to hide all sensitive files.

AVG Antivirus Pro

This is a sophisticated anti-virus protection. AVG Antivirus Pro brings complete protection you usually find on the free version with some extra features, including powerful anti-SMS spam security and tech support team if needed.

As you can see, there are many options of Android antivirus programs on the market today. The options we mentioned above are some of the best, so it is better to ensure you do not take any risks with your Android tablets by choosing one of the best antivirus for androids tablets free above.

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