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Simple Facetime For Android To Iphone Using Great Apps

Making a facetime or video call with friend now becomes one of the great trend for communication. It could be the great choices besides the chatting style. Here, in order to have a facetime for android to iPhone, people could use some great apps. The occurring of some great apps for facetime for android to iPhone will ease you to call your friends. See some details of it below and get the best app, as you want. We hope it will be useful for you all.

Facetime For Android To Iphone


We all know that everyone knows about this app. Skype is one of the most famous app for facetime for android to iPhone, which you could download freely. Skype is great with the kind features inside the app. There is a nice interface, which will make the users are easy in operating it. In other hand, Skype is great because it has a stable signal, so you will have a stable communication with your friend in other region. There is a free version of Skype, which you could download.

Facebook Messenger

This app is nice with the second choice to have facetime for android to iPhone. The latest update of Facebook Messenger allows the users to get the facetime with their friends. We are sure that it will be one of the great app for facetime for android to iPhone. Here, you could download this app freely through Google Play and Apple market. However, you need to have an account of Facebook to enjoy the service. Something that you know, you are only able to call the list of your friends in Facebook.


Oovoo becomes one of the great app to facetime for android to iPhone, which now becomes one of the favorite of people. The new app is great with some new features inside it. The new Oovoo is great as the one app for you. This kind of app for facetime for android to iPhone has a nice interface with its unique orange color. In other hand, it is able to be used in all kinds of latest version of OS.


How to get iPhone Emojis For Android No Root?

Simple Way To Get Iphone Emojis For Android

Emoji is one of an important thing inside the chatting activity. By the occurring of the emoji, chatting will be more interesting and now you could get the impression when talking with your friends.

However, sometimes, maybe you are bored with the emoji inside your phone and want to have the different one. Here, we will talk about some kinds of the way in how to get iPhone emojis for android in order to get the new emoji. By having the new iPhone emojis for android, we are sure that your chatting will be so emotional!

How to get iPhone Emojis For Android

1. Rooting your phone

For the first, you need to root your device. Rooting is the only way to get more access and you will be able to enjoy the iPhone emojis for android. By rooting your device, you will have larger access to get hidden app. However, you need to know that rooting needs special technique. When you are able to do it, of course you could do by your own. When you have no knowledge, you could ask the expert.

2. Installing new font and emoji

Then, the next way in how to get iPhone emojis for android, which you need to do, is installing the new font and the emoji. You can search the new font and emoji in some developers through the internet.

After it, install it and the new font and emoji will be automatically occur in your chatting app. Now, you could use it and make your chatting more interesting. The way in getting iPhone emojis for android is so easy, isn’t?

Based on the explanation above, we could see that ways to get iPhone emojis for android is actually simple. However, besides knowing the detail ways of how to get iPhone emojis for android, you need to know that sometimes, the emoji that you are using cannot be read in other devices.

This matter may occurs because of the different version of platform and android version. It is one of the sad thing but the system should be updated when they want to have a latest update of font and emoji.


Greatest App To Transfer File From Android To Iphone

It will be always interesting to know the kinds of app to transfer from android to iPhone. Well, it is because kinds of app make the transferring matter becoming easier to do. Here, you will be free to transfer any file from the different platform. In Google Play, there are many kinds of the great app to transfer file, which you may choose. Let us see some kinds of the special app, which will help our needed. I hope it will be useful for you all.

App To Transfer File From Android To Iphone

Air Droid

The first kind of the app to transfer file is the Air Droid. This app is nice with the better interface to ease the users in operating it. Besides, this app is also free to be used. Here, by using this app, you are able to send some files easier from android to iPhone. What make this app special is the small size of it, so users don’t need to worry about their internal space in installing it.


SHAREit is one of the best and most famous kinds of app to transfer from android to iPhone. This app is very nice to be used. This one of great app to transfer file has so many great features, which will pleasant you on using it. The combination of great features and friendly interface will make you are happy in operating it. SHAREit has simple interface, so even newbie they will easy in using it. To transfer the file, it will uses the internet and Wi-Fi connection. Of course, both devices should install this app first.

Two kinds of the great app above could be one of the special choice for you. The kinds of app to transfer file as above could be the solution when you are difficult in transferring the file from android to iPhone. For other choice, you could see the similar app through the Google Play. However, please be selective in choosing the transferring app. Please make sure that your internal space is enough to install it. It is reasonable because the large space will help the app to run well.


How To Send Videos From Android to iPhone?

How To Send Videos From Android to iPhone - Some people still don’t know the simple way to transfer the video from their android to iPhone. Sending video becomes one of an interesting because we could collect the great video from friends. Here, we will deliver some simple ways, which you could use in how to send videos from android to iPhone. Really, by the detail of it, people are able to get new video with easier ways. See the idea of ways in sending videos from android to iPhone below. We hope it will be useful for you all.

How To Send Videos From Android to iPhone

Backup video to computer

We all know that iPhone has no Bluetooth in their device. Backing up the video through PC could be one of best way in how to send videos from android to iPhone. Here, for the first you need to copy your video – which will be sent, to the computer. You could use the card reader by putting off your external memory or connect the phone by USB cable. After copying the file of video, in order to send videos from android to iPhone, connect iPhone device using the USB cable and open the iTunes menu. Well, from this app you could copy the video inside the computer.

Using app

The simple way to send videos from android to iPhone, which you could do, is by using the app. The unavailable Bluetooth could be handled by the occurring of sending app. There are many kinds of app inside the Google Play or iTunes, which you could choose. One of the great app, which will be nice in sending file between different platform, is SHAREit. This app is great because it is powerful to send big files using the internet connection, so the transferring will be only in minutes.

Those two ways in how to send videos from android to iPhone could be the great choice when you want to transfer your video. You could see that actually sending videos from android to iPhone is very easy to do. Now, you could get any video from your friend, as you want with easy way!


Several Ways To Switch Contacts From Android To Iphone

Switch contacts from android to iPhone
Maybe, sometimes you want to change your device from android to iPhone. Changing the platform of android could be the way to get new experience in operating device. However, some problems occur, such as when you want to import your contact. The different platform requires different way in importing contact. Here, we will deliver about some ways in how to switch contacts from android to iPhone, which maybe will help you to fixing this problem. See some options of switching contacts from android to iPhone to make it easier.


The very simple way to switch contacts from android to iPhone is by swapping SIMS. Well, this way is nice because you don’t need to do special matter in switching the contact. Here, in order to switch the contact through swapping SIMS, you need to copy the contact of your android phone to the SIMS. After it, place your old SIMS to your new iPhone. Go to the setting of iPhone and then find importing contact for SIMS. Your contact automatically will be backed up in iPhone device. However, SIMS has limited amount to cover contact. Maybe, it is around 250 contacts.

Use Google Account

Another great way in how to switch contacts from android to iPhone is by using the Google Account. When you are using the android device, of course you will have this kind of account. Here, please back up your contact to your Google Account. Google Account will be able to save unlimited contacts. After it, log in with your iPhone device using the same account. Then, you just need to import the contact from the account to switch contacts from android to iPhone. Very simple, isn’t?

Use apps

The last way, which will be nice to help you finding the way in how to switch contacts from android to iPhone, is by using apps. Nowadays, there are many apps, which will be helpful to switch contacts from android to iPhone and make this job easier to do. Try to find the great app through Google Play. You could back up your contact there. Then, install the same app in your iPhone and you will be easier to get back your contact.


The Best Photo Management Application For Android is Picasa

Best photo management app for androidThe best photo management app for android makes it so easy to enhance photos that we want to edit as well as not feel burdened with the maintaining job of our photo collection ourselves. If we wanted to give a simple edit to a photo, it was up to us to manage every photo. For instances, if we want to improve the brightness or crop a photo, we have to take it into a photo editing app, do the editing, and then save it from the “File” so that we could make a whole new and separate version of the photo file.

However, we have to be careful because if we forget to give it a unique filename, the new version would overwrite the original one. If we use a “non-destructive” editing program, all of the enhancements on photographs will be managed automatically by the program. The photo management application is duplicating the master file to create a new version or is saving all of the enhanced files in a database that are applied in real-time above the master photo file.

If we want to remove the changes, we just need to click “undo” or “reset” button and the photo will be back to its original version. It means that all our original version of the photos are protected. That is the reason why choosing non-destructive best photo management app for Android becomes a sensitive issue. In the Google Play Store there are some photo management application programs recommended by experts because of their longstanding ability for being solid performers and great supports.

One of the photo manager programs is for people with basic needs. This app is the easiest to use. However, it has a limited set of tools. The best part is that the app can be installed and used for free.

The app is Picasa that helps managing photos in a sort of semi-automatic way. With this photo management application we have the option to have a folder that any new photos will automatically be included in Picasa the app. This option enables us to keep originals stored in any folder we want on hard drive, but still having easy way to group those photos into albums virtually and edit them within the app Picasa. That is why Picasa becomes very popular and is said as the best photo management app for Android.


The Basic of Password Manager Android And PC

“Different password for every website” is the principle has to be used by most people in this digital era. Unfortunately, nobody can remember all those passwords. Luckily, there is password manager android and pc. Password manager app is something popular today because of its functions and features.

Password Manager Android And PC

It is suggested that for sanity and security, we need to install a password manager Android and PC and change all of our passwords, which means that every single one will be different. Moreover, every password we have will be long and harder to crack. Until the internet evolves into something safer and convenient, everyone needs this useful app. We do not have to worry because there are plenty of good options in the market. There are many commercial password manager app and program earned 3.5 stars or more from the experts.

Password manager app is installed as a browser plug-in in order to handle password capture. When we try log in to a secure website, it offers us to save our credentials. If we return to visit the site, there will be an automatic fill in those credentials. If we have done multiple logins for the same website, the app offers an option of multiple account login. Most password managers also have browser toolbar menu of saved logins, which means that we can go straight to a saved website and then log in automatically. There are some application manager apps detect password-change events as well as offering users to update the existing record. Some programs even record our credentials during the signing up process for a new secure site. Getting all existing passwords we have into the app is a good decision. It is because we can identify the weaknesses, duplicate passwords and then replace them with the more solid. Many password manager Android and PC flag weaknesses and duplicate passwords. Some of the apps offer help by giving an update process. Among so many password manager applications, the best ones usually can automate the password-change process for us as users. If we make a new secure account or just update a weak password, we do not want to strain our brain trying to come up with strong and unique passwords. We do not have to remember all of it. It happens because top-rated password manager apps bring built-in password generator. What we need to do is just to ensure that our generated passwords consist of at least 16 characters long.


How to Transfer Music to iPhone from Android Phone

How to send music from Android to iPhone? We all know that some Android users move to Apple’s iPhone because of some reasons. Unfortunately, the Android may has been used for some months or years and it brings many important files, including music. Switching to iPhone means finding a new OS, which has different mechanism. Downloading or buying new music files means spending more money while leaving those files is not an option. That is why we share this technique here. This article below explain about how to send or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone.

send music from Android to iPhone

If we are an Android user and now thinking about switching to iPhone or if maybe we have already made the switch, we may be concerned about sending or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone as well as other important data- photos, contacts, calendar and many more. The first thing we have to remember is making sure that nothing is lost in the process. We must know that transferring data from Android phone to iPhone really could not be simpler. The basic principle is to back up to either a desktop or cloud, and then sync it to the iPhone. Even better, Apple helps us get the answer for how to send music from Android to iPhone question with an Android app specifically to guide us do the entire process.

When we switch to Apple’s iPhone, we can bring all music with us. What we need to do is just using a PC with iTunes to help us transfer music to iPhone from Android phone. If we use a streaming music app, we can go to the App Store and get the app.  Sign in with our user name and secret password. If we use Apple Music, we just need to sign in on iOS device. Here is send music from Android to iPhone using PC with iTunes:

Connect our Android device to the computer and then find the music. Most Android devices 
store these files in “Music”. Install Android File Transfer on a Mac, open it and then go to “Music”.

Choose the songs we want to move and then drag them to a folder on the computer.

Disconnect the Android device and connect our new iPhone to the computer.

Open iTunes on the PC, go to our Library, and then click “Music”.

Open the folder where we put the songs and then drag them to the Music view in the iTunes.


What We Have to Know About Android Device Manager Issue

Device management is running Android
Device management is running Android” is an incredible tool for Android smartphone users who are absent minded or just unlucky. When we misplace our Android phone, we can utilize Android Device Manager to make it ring though if the device set up on silent mode. If we lose the Android smartphone, we can easily locate it with a PC or we can even wipe it if we think that there are very sensitive data or files on the phone. Once we lose the Android phone, Android Device Manager will be our last chance and  this is the feature we do not want to be without.

However, something strange happens among Android phone users. There is a fact that the newest update of to the Google Play Services is leaving Android users without Android Device Manager and they really unknown about it. The update version seems to be disabling the ADM entirely for some, but not for every Android users. So, if we have the version of Google Play Services 4.0.30 or 4.0.31 that we can check by clicking Settings - Applications - All - Google Play services, the device management is running Android on our Android phone might be disabled. But, we do not need to worry, because it is very easy to fix. What we need to do is just simply go to Settings – Security - Device administrators then re-enable the Android Device Manager. When we need it in the future and hopefully we never do, we do not want it to be off.

Does it worry other people that big vendor like Google decides to make an update to a crucial part of most smartphones with Android OS that just sneakily disables an important feature that can save someone’s phone? According to experts, that is absolutely ridiculous. However, we as customers can do nothing with it.  What we can do now is just stay smart and keep the feature enabled. When the Android Device Manager is enabled, we have to check on it once in a while. Now, let’s check our device management is running Android, is it automatically disabled?


Easy Ways To Switch Text Message From Iphone To Android

Sometimes, you want to switch your iPhone to Android just to feel the difference in operating the smartphone. However, some people don’t know how to do it. Switching iPhone to Android is actually simple. It just need a few step to do. Here, we will deliver some details in switching from iPhone to Android text messages as the one of need of people. You can check some ways, which will help you in finishing it. Check the list below:

Switching from iPhone to Android text messages
Switch Text Message From Iphone To Android

1. Extract iPhone message file

The first way to switch iPhone to Android is by extracting the text message of iPhone. It is the very important way to do in order to get success transferring. To do this matter, you need to open your iTunes and connect your iPhone in your computer. After it, right click the iPhone and then select the backup option. This way will automatically backing up the text message before it is switching. After finishing the process of backing up text message, copy the backup data to the Android SD card or storage.

2. Convert iPhone message to the Android format

The second way that you need to do in switching from iPhone to Android text messages is converting the format of the message from the iPhone to the Android. In order to converting the format of the text, you will need the app of iSMS2droid. This app is a nice app to switch iPhone to Android text messages. Download this app through Google Play and open the app. Choose the ‘select iPhone SMS database’ and it will look for the data automatically.

3. Restore iPhone message to Android

After the conversion through the useful app, you need to restore the text message from iPhone to Android. It is the final way in switching from iPhone to Android text messages. In order to do this matter, you will need the new app. The app that could be useful here is SMS backup & restore. Download the app inside the Google Play and open it. Find the restore menu and it will direct you in converted files. Tap OK and switching text message from iPhone to Android is finished.


Ways To Send Pictures From Iphone To Android Using Great Apps

Sometimes, people want to share their picture to friends in order getting new message and information. When they have a same platform of the smartphone, they will have easier way to do it. However, how if you have different platform? Sometimes, the ways could be different. Here, we will talk about the way in how to send pictures from iPhone to Android with smart and easy way. Yes, we could use apps to send pictures from iPhone to Android. Some apps are able to help you in doing it. Check it below:

How to send pictures from iPhone to Android


First great app to send the pictures from iPhone to Android, which you could use, is SHAREit.  Originally, this app comes from Lenovo. What make this app special is the friendly interface and the fastest transfer of data. This app will use the internet connection to send the data. However, both device should install this app when they want to send photo and pair it. App will be best when you use the Wi-Fi connection.

Fast File Transfer

The second nice app is the Fast File Transfer. This app is one of nice way in how to send pictures from iPhone to Android, which you could do only on a click. The benefit of this app to send pictures from iPhone to Android is the faster speed than Bluetooth and it is very easy to be used. The friendly interface will make users are easy in operating the menu of apps.


For those who want to try another way in sending the pictures from iPhone to Android, they can download Feem as their favorite. It is one of the great app to send the photo from different platform. What make this app special is the elegant face with friendly detail. In other hand, the app is great with speedy transfer so you don’t need to wait long time in transferring pictures and data.

Some apps above could be the great choice in the way of how to send pictures from iPhone to Android. Install those apps and get the simple way in sending pictures from iPhone to Android. Check the availability of app in Google Play.


Reading About Samsung Printer Android Apps

The development of technology of android now make you are able to print document directly. When you are a user of Samsung smartphone, you need to be glad because there is Samsung printer apps for android now. This app is very nice to help you finishing your office needed. In order to download the Samsung printer apps, of course, you only need to go to Google Play and you could get in freely. Here, we will deliver some details of it.

Samsung printer apps for android

Function of app

As its name, the Samsung printer apps is kind of great app to empower to print or send a fax in fulfilling your need. This app will be great choice to print most digital content, like an office document, PDF, images, email, web pages, and other contents you get from website. By the occurring of the app, we are sure that people will have easier way on printing it. With only a click in their smartphone, people are able to print their own document!

Key features of app

The app is very great with its details. Inside the Samsung printer apps for android, there are many features, which will pleasant people in operating it. By using the Samsung printer apps, people are able to get intuitive bar style user interface, which will enjoy them. In other hand, there is an easy way to select multiple images, tap or crop and print it together. The app is also special because it is able to print or to scan documents with A3 size.

Well, seeing the details of Samsung printer apps as above, we could conclude that the app is one of special choice for you. Before downloading the Samsung printer apps for android, people need to know the additional information of it. The android version that is able to download this app is 4.0 and up. The app doesn’t have large size, so people don’t need to worry about their internal memory. However, they need to keep the update of app to keep its performance. Download this app and taste the great use of it!


How to Turn On Android Device Manager?

When you want to take advantage of the features of Android Device Manager to keep track of your phone is lost, you should make sure that you know about how to turn on Android Device Manager correctly so this feature is able to work optimally. Many people doubt the functions and benefits of these features because they have failed to find an Android phone using these tools either feature or by using the version of the application or website. Here are some steps to turn on Android Device Manager should you do when your mobile device is still within grasp.

The first thing that needs to be done about how to turn on Android Device Manager is turn on location access. In this case, you can go to 'Settings' and then scroll down and select the 'Location'. On the next screen, you can turn on location access. You can select the location mode. If you choose a high accuracy, the phone should use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks to determine the location. Battery-saving mode could be possible to determine the location of that connection. Whereas when you select activated mode, the phone will determine your location with GPS.

How to Turn On Android Device Manager
How to Turn On Android Device Manager

Furthermore, you can enable security settings Google. This is the second step to turn on Android Device Manager. You can go to Settings - Google - Security. On the security page, you should turn on "Remotely locate this device' which will show the location of the device on the device. Furthermore, you can press 'allow remote lock and erase'. By activating this mode, when you lose your mobile device, you can lock or factory reset the device remotely using the Android Device Manager. The next step should be done in activating Android Device Manager is looking for Android solution is to go to the site Android Device Manager and then log in using your account on your Android device. In this way, you can check if you can find an Android phone or not. If not, you can look to your Android phone and see if it makes your Google account or not.

With a few steps, you can more easily to take advantage of the sophistication and advancement of today's technology. You can perform the tracking of an Android phone you use more easily. Before you lost your phone, you should prepare for the possibility that bad. One is to understand how to turn on Android Device Manager.


The Best Android Power Management App

For users of Android devices, find the best android power management app seems to be a very pleasant thing for using the application, they can further optimize the efficiency of the battery. At present, you certainly are enjoying to use Android smartphones to communicate, play games, or to facilitate your work. The use of Android devices long enough will certainly need a battery that is the greater. If you do have an Android device with a battery capacity were not great, getting android power management app will help in optimizing the smartphone device.

Best Android Power Management App

When you look for the best android power management app that will be used to optimize the smartphone, you can probably rely on Avast Battery Saver. The workings of this application is also unique that is automatically turn off Wi-Fi when no Wi-Fi signals around the device. In addition, this application will also conduct an internet connection limitation when signing the lock screen that can be customized with the configuration profile that is used. Another power management android app that you can rely on is Battery Save Booster that has a minimalist appearance and friendly for the novice user. This application features comprehensive enough that it is natural that this be one of the best Android battery saver applications at this time.

Other applications could be a mainstay for Android users is DU Battery Saver & Widgets. This could be one of the best battery saver applications have an advantage over other similar applications. Design view this application is quite interesting. This application has a three-phase charging that the quick charging, normal charging, and trickling charging. You can also find Booster for Android as the Android power management app. Moreover, in the same time, you can optimize your memory. This application is intended to assist in increasing the pace of work on Android-based phones. With mobile working lighter, it is expected to minimize battery consumption.

You can also rely on Battery Doctor is a battery saver application with an interface similar to DU Battery Saver. This application has a more concise and informative. This application also has a way of saving labor standards so that the ordinary novice users will take advantage of this application. The existence of the best android power management app will definitely be very easy for users of Android devices in optimizing smartphone.


How to Use the Android Device Manager Application

Android device manager application has so many functions despite helping you in doing your daily activity. However, there are probably some other functions that you still don’t realize until now. In other words, with the presence of Android device manager, some of your troubles can even be solved much easily. So, what are they? Here they are for you.

Finding Your Lost Android Phone

Android device manager application
Android device manager application
Actually, this function is already invented only around two years ago. Fortunately, it works very well. Even, almost all types of Android is now using this service to help the customers more. For some Android series, this app can simply be enjoyed without doing anything as it is already isted on teh default program. However, if you cannot find it, you may go to the Google Play Services. Then, it is provided in the Google Settings. If you want to use it to get back your lost phone, you may go to the Google Settings, then Android Device Manager, Remotely Locate This Device, and astly the Location Access. You have to make sure as well that the box is already checked. On the other hand, the manager cannot track the device if the settings are not enabled.

Ringing and Locking the Phone

The Android device manager application should not be directly used when it is just misplaced and not stolen. Actually, you only need to set the phone to make it ring so that it can be found easily. However, it will be a different case if the map shows that your phone is not nearby, it is time to use the app. The next way is by locking your phone once the app is able to contact your lost phone.

Wiping the Phone when It is Gone Forever

There is surely a case when your phone cannot be located even when you use this application. Of course, mainly if it is stolen, there is a big chance if the thief has already changed the system inside. For this case, there is no other choice except erasing it. It is basically used for the security of your own data mainly if you have set the password and other things. The effect of this action is that all the data available in your losing phone will be erased and you cannot get it back. That’s why; this way should be done if you are sure that you cannot get your lost phone back. Those are the ways to use the Android device manager application anyway.


The Benefits of Lock and Erase Function of ADM

If you are using Android devices that were launched after 2010, you will be able to access one of the application or function that it has. It’s called Android Device Manager (ADM). This app is very useful, especially in order to protect your Android devices as well as data that you save inside it. There is one function that ADM has. It’s called android device manager lock and erase. The lock and erase is the one that can protect your Smartphone from irresponsible usage from other people that stole or found your Smartphone.

The ADM lock and erase, like what you can see, there are two main functions that mentioned here. Those functions are lock and erase. The lock function here means that you can lock your Smartphone from afar, so other people won’t be able to open and access data inside your Smartphone. The most important thing that you need to do, so this function will be activated, is turning the location feature on. You can do this by using the menu Setting – Security – Device administrators and find the ADM lock and erase menu at there and check it. The other thing that also you need to have if you want to activate android device manager lock and erase is the Google Account.

Android device manager lock and erase

Having Google account and activate it is the essential, because this is the method to lock and erase your Android devices. Make sure you always activate this function. For erase function, you also can use the same method like when you activate and use the lock function. With ADM, you locate your Android device first. Then, you can activate the lock and erase. The erase function itself will delete all data in that Android device. However, there is a chance that the data that you save in your SD card won’t be deleted. This is what you need to give more attention.

Basically, ADM can serve as one of best protection for your Android devices. On the other hand, if you accidentally activate it, you will also get some problem. The data that you actually don’t want to delete will be delete and the worst of all, you can restore it. Therefore, it’s important to be very careful when you activate this function. Make sure you have already backup everything and do it regularly, then you can activate the android device manager lock and erase to protect your devices.


Android device manager last known location

Thankfully to Android and Google, now we can have easier job to track down our smartphone’s location. Positively, it must have been created to help us catch the phone in case if we forgetting where the last location we put it. Or the worse scene is whenever we lose it or get thieved without warnings.

To check the track, you can use the android device manager to get the android device manager last known location.

Basically, before Google detects your Android devices, it always asks you beforehand whether you permit it or not. Then after it receives your agreement, the application will work automatically. In most cases, it starts or begins with anxiety of someone about another’s device’s location.

The work uses API where you can get the latest known location of someone’s device place. The system will automatically find the device wherever it is. If you want to get this application’s experience, you can follow below steps to follow the ADM (Android Device Manager).

Android device manager last known location

If you want to use website:
-               Go and sign in to your google account through
-               Then you will see lists of your devices
-               Click the arrow after the name of your device
-               Then the android device manager will show the location of the selected device
If you want to use android device manager application:
-               Download the android device manager at the play store in your smartphone (or other android device)
-               Sign in through your google account
-               Change the display and just click or swipe the arrow of the screen
-               Then it will show you the approximate location of the targeted device

Those ways are easy to use and you should at least try once. Android device manager is a new way of finding back your android devices. Use it wisely and it will be a good benefit for you later.

What can you do after finding or locating your device?
-               Make a ring
-               Lock
-               Erase lost device

With its way, you are able to ring, lock or even erase the lost device from far place. But there are requirements you should know. The lost device must be in the position where it has mobile data connection in the active SIM card, or Wireless Connection (WIFi). You can do all of these things using the website in the desktop or laptop or the application of the android device manager you have installed before.

Google Settings App Android Device Manager: The Advantages and the Setting Up

If you happen to lose your smart phone or tablet with Android, definitely you need to have Google setting app Android Device Manager to locate your lost device. It’s suck to lose such important thing in our life, especially if the device is full of very important data or very private data. Irresponsible person who steals it definitely can misuse the data. He or she can even bribe us to spread the data. However, Android Device Manager has come to help you with the problem. How can it help us?

How Android Device Manager helps us:

·         It can trace the location of our lost device

·         It can ring the lost device from remote area to locate it easily. It can even ring so loudly for five minutes even if our lost device is in silent mode.

·         It can lock the lost device.

·         It can erase the data in the lost device.

Don’t you think this app is great? Yes, this must be great. How can we set up this app in our device? Here, take a look at the guidance below. However, make sure that the device is associated with Google account and is online for sure.

Google Settings App Android Device Manager
Google Settings App Android Device Manager

How to set up Android Device Manager:

1.     Switch on the Android Device Manager by opening the device setting app, and then choose security, next step is switch on the Remotely Locate This Device, Allow Remote Lock, and Erase. When you use this app in your devise, you have to sign in to your account in Google.

2.     Switch on your location access in your device by opening the setting app in your device, and then find Location, next change the turn off to turn on.

3.     See if the Android Device Manager can find your device properly. If you cannot find your lost device, make sure you have signed in to your account in Google, and the setting of location is already on, and you also have made Google Setting App Android Device Manager turn on.

Now, how can we find our lost device with this app?

Use another device with Android Device Manager Application is already installed. Open the application, and then sign in to your account in Google. If you use smart phone, swipe the bottom screen to see your lost device, if you use your tablet, touch the arrow located next to the device and select the lost device. Finally, the Android Device Manager will reveal the location of your lost device approximately.

What do you think? Don’t you think it is necessary for us to have this kind of app just in case we lose our device with important and private data? It is hoped that you find this article about Google Setting App Android Device Manager helpful.

How to Use Android Device Manager App

Have you ever heard about android device manager app? I bet this is the first time you read about it. What is the function of this app for you?

Let’s talk about smartphone devices nowadays. As we know that now all smartphones use android as their operating system. We know that we need to have google email address to access all software.
The accounts that you have now can help you more. By having google email address, you now can try the latest helpful application from Google. Its name is Android Device Manager. You can download the application in the play store. Install and try to learn about this application.

The android device manager app helps us to ring, lock and erase the data of the lost phone of yours. It keeps tracking where the position of your phone is. Now let’s learn of how to lock your phone.
This step, you will be asked by the application to set a new password. How to do so? You only need to click or tap the android device manager, then tap the lock button, enter new password and enter the message also the phone number to be displayed on the lock screen.

Android Device Manager App

Besides locking the application, now you can also erase the data inside your lost devices. How to do it? Firstly, you enter the android device manager, tap the erase button and confirm further question by clicking or choosing the erase button on the pop up window.

You also have another way to check your lost phone by opening the website of the android device manager. Just sign in and look the location where your phone is. If you can’t find your phone, there is possibility that you have not turned on the location access from your phone.

You have to notice that the ability to lock, ring and erase is only if your phone is online. If your phone is offline, what you can only do is to reset. This thing will work after it finds the network connection again.

So, why don’t you try the app now? It is likely to have security with high prioritize by using the app. You can search wherever your phone is on. Please remember to turn on the location access and have the network connection in your device either from wifi or mobile data. When once you have lost your device, you will have access to know where your phone’s position is thanks to the android device manager app.

Google Android Device Manager Login Page

What is android device manager login about? Firstly, let’s talk about this application a little bit. At first, you must be wondering what it is for. What android has to do with this application?
Basically, as the trend nowadays that one person can have more than one android devices, so this application from google will help you to control or manage all your devices’ accounts.
Besides the function to help you managing the accounts, it is also a helpful thing to help you track down your lose android smartphones.

However, it needs some steps to turn on its capability that need your permission to do so. Don’t worry because the steps are easy to do. It only uses the settings in your android device.
What you have to prepare is the application of the android device manager. Go to the play store application, then search for the Android Device Manager by Google Inc. Then click or tap the Install button. Wait its downloading process and after finish, you can do these below steps for login.

Android Device Manager Login Page

The Steps of Android Device Manager Login

·         Find your device manager from the app drawer or home screen

·         Choose the accept word button that means that you will sign in to the google account of yours

·         Once you arrive at the homepage of your google account, you will be asked to enter your password

·         After write or type the password, you only need to tap the sign in word button.

If your question is only the way to login to the android device manager login, so those above answers are the final statements.

However, what you need the most is not only the above things right? There is more important as the final step to check the capability of the application. So to confirm if your device is recognizable or discoverable, you can check to the device manager part and then check if the device is in discoverable state.

On the screen, you will see the device manager look. By the sight, in glance, you can see four important. First, at the top, you will see the written words say Device Manager your email address.
The second part is the map of your device. The third is the type of your device. And the last is the ring, lock and erase buttons.

So, this is all about android device manager login. Hope it helps you preventing the further bad thing happens and hope you can share this helpful application to your family and friends.

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