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How to Delete the Unused Google Android Device Manager

Google Android device manager delete service

Google Android device manager delete service – Many of us may often wonder how we can delete devices rooted from our Android system which are unused. Undeniably, such devices tend to spend more RAM while they are actually not intended at all. The real answer is there is no any official way. Once you already have those devices, it means you have to keep them there even forever. However, you should not worry, there are still some other ways you can try to delete and remove them. It still depends on the type of Android and Smartphone itself of course. Just check them out.

Visiting the Play Store

Google Play Store may be only known as a place where you can find your favorite apps. More than that, it is able as well to find out the Google Android device manager delete device. First of all, you sure need to directly go to the Google Pay Store available on your Smartphone’s screen.

Then, just touch the gear icon placed on the top and right corner. There will be some options appeared in which you only need to select the Setting option. Next, this will bring you to a sort of page namely “My Device” where the lists of all types of Smartphone are available. Try to find out the “Unnamed Device” that provides all the information related to your phone.

There is also another box titled “Show in Menus” which is the other name of your default programs. If you are intended to delete the device you don’t want, you can remove the check of the box and finally you will not see the app in te menu.

Visiting Google Security

The method explained above let you remove or delete the devices yourself. However, the security is still questioned anyway. It is because all of those default devices are likely meant to be there.

Therefore, trying to remove them even with the way described in the previous point is still considered as risky. It probably works properly on some kinds of devices. However, they are probably not for the others. Based on that fact, you should also try this way. It is by visiting the Google Security. You may firstly go to the Setting and then sign in to the Google Account page. The activity of removing device is probably not allowed. But if you are lucky, you can do the Google Android device manager delete device more safely.

How if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?

Android Device Manager Location access is turned offHow if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off?  We all know that losing Android smartphone is not just terribly inconvenient, but it can also be financially and emotionally devastating. There are experts said that the more we can do to protect ourselves in the event that we lose Android smartphone or have the smartphone stolen, the better. Android Device Manager can massively increase the chances of not only getting our Android smartphone back, but it can also protect ourselves from any other inconvenient cases, such as identity theft. It means, turning off the app will be something dangerous and it is not recommended. This is how to use Device Manager on our Android smartphone as an anti-theft protection. 

We have to know that the Android Device Manager has been around for more than two years now. The Google’s app is specially designed for almost all modern Android devices through the magic of official Play Services. The Device Manager tool is usually switched on by default. However, some Android smartphones do not work that way. So, if it is not work automatically on our smartphones, we can easily enable it by from Google Settings on our Android smartphone. Device Manager requires two different things before we can use it for locating a lost phone. First, the smartphone needs to have remote location enabled we can find in Google Settings - Android Device Manager - Remotely Locate This Device. Then, it also needs to have location access on, so it would not work if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off. We can make sure or enable the location access via Google Settings - Location. When the settings are disabled, the Device Manager app would not be able to locate our lost device.

Android Device Manager also works for Android tablets. However, if we have some user accounts, only the owner of the tablet can activate the app features. We can access Android Device Manager in two ways, which are using the same app on another Android device or accessing the official website of the app. Once we have launched the Device Manager app or logged in on its website, the Android Device Manager will automatically attempt to locate the missing device. When the device is on and get a signal, we will see the location on a map. So, it is something dangerous if the Android Device Manager Location access is turned off


Android Device Manager Customer Service Number

The existence of Android Device Manager Customer service number seems to be a solution that is very easy for Android phone owners to perform the tracking of their mobile phones. Surely, no one wants to lose a phone, especially with a variety of important data on it. Their various features of high quality or specification are also able to be a special attraction for some people who want to steal. However, you can use Android Device Manager that can be used to help track down a lost Android phone remotely. How to take advantage of this feature is also not a difficult thing to do so that every Android device users will be more secure in using these sophisticated gadgets.

Android Device Manager Customer service number
Android Device Manager Customer service number

Android Device Manager is a free tool from Google that can be used to monitor or track the location of Android devices remotely. Three things can be done by utilizing the tool that lock the phone, the phone rang, and erase the data on your phone. Additionally, by utilizing this tool is also available in several options such as through the website or Google search, apps, Android or wear. In fact, when you come across some obstacles when utilizing these tools, you can contact the Android Device Manager Customer service number to help you. This innovation and solutions will allow Android users to perform the tracking and monitoring of the devices they own.

With the development of technology that exists today, you should be able to take advantage of everything it wisely and carefully. When you really need the sophisticated gadgets to enable you to perform a number of activities and communication, you should also not fall asleep with a variety of advantages due to the higher quality of the device, it is usually also have economic value higher, triggering the other parties to retrieve the device. You should be able to take advantage of the security system or device management that will help you to keep the device along with the data contained in it remains safe. Additionally, with advanced tools like Android Device Manager, you will be easier to track down your missing Android phones remotely. You can contact the Android Device Manager Customer service number at any time when you needed help.


The android device manager remove device for specific account

How to manage android device manager remove device with specific account? Have you ever logged into your account using other device you borrow or logged other account such as work account to your private phone and find that your phone are listed in android device manager  in your work account? Off course, this will make your privacy data risk for potential data stolen. The condition when your device is also listed to other account means that other persons are able to lock or erase your phone.

Android device manager remove device

From this case of specific account that have double listed to other account as it logged to other devices, then the first step that you need to do is by access the work emails/ other emails first that you have logged before. For this step, you need to sign in into device use personal gmail account in your phone and then use browser for open work account. It is requires browser for android device manager remove device step as it will send any notification when email is received into work account. You can do with any browser include firefox. Install the X-notifier lite add on for receiving notification. Snapshot to left that show the adds on in the Firefox menu and the on the right screen to notification appear in the tray. The verification from Gmail account will send email to your personal email and it will notify into notification tray.

There are couple of Gmail adds on that you also able to use, but it is not installed. The X-notifier lite add on is basic notification. After you finish the step, then the account you remove will not add to any Play store or listed in the account setting as the specific account has logged before. In the other case when you know that device you not recognize because your friend borrow your friend to logged into their account and it has been listed to your account, then you can do this step. First is use the phone browser and then go to “”. In section of “sign-in and security” option tap the device activity and notification. In this box, see to the section of “recently used device” section and go to “review devices”.  You will see the list where there is devices you have been use for logged on or your friend use and then click “remove” for remove device. This will sync to android device manager remove device that will also remove device from your Google account.


Benefit of remove phone from android device manager features

Here is how you can remove device using android device manager for secure your privacy data and message.  To remove phone from android device manager you can do simply by doing this guide. The android device manager remove device is feature that you get when you have android gadget and then enable with Google account. This is feature that you can do for several purposes. First, you can use for remove Google account from old device that no longer use by you. Second, you can use for remove Google account from your device that has been stolen or lost. Third, you can access Google account from the device and erase it.

Remove device using android device manager

To remove phone from android device manager it is simply. The first step that you need to do is use computer, smartphone, or other gadget you have that connect to internet and access to internet browser. Go to and then from the web page, there are features that available for you to create accounts or activate features in Google account. select the “sign in and security” option and then choose “device activity and notification.  Choose the option of recently used devices option and then click review devices. There will be list of devices that create and connect with your google account. choose the unused device that you want to remove. This will give you more security protection to your data and phone at once simply way.

Android device manager is available to access from two different ways, by using android device manager app from other android device or from official website of android device manager. Once you logged in into your account, android device manager will locate the location from missing device. And as it get signal and the location, you will have three options to do, by ring it, lock it, or even to remotely wipe the device. If device you lost are not in location where it can get signal, android device manager will reports the location when the device get online. The last option will useful when you are purposing for secure your sensitive data in your phone. By remove phone from android device manager when you do not have the device any longer means that you are protect your sensitive data from others who find your phone. This also prevent others from find your account from device inside.

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