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How to Solve Android Manager Lock which is Not Working

Have you ever experienced a problem like Android device manager lock not working? Well, it can be only about the button but also related to your password and others. Of course, it is really annoying. More than that, your Smartphone is like one of the most important parts of your life. But you should not worry anyway. In fact, there are some ways you can do to overcome this problem. So, what are they? Check them out.

Android device manager lock not working

Downloading and Installing Volume Unlock

One of some apps you can try is the Volume Unlock. With this app, it seems you can solve the problem of the damage on the lock and power buttons. The way Volume Unlock works is quite simple. You only need to activate the app so that when the screen is off, it will automatically on. Meanwhile, to lock the screen, you can directly go to the Android notification.

To make it works, you may tap the sign “Enable Volume Unlock” and then to lock it off, you can activate the “Screen Off”. There are also some additional features so that Android can be on and off automatically. It is by activating the “Auto On/ off” available on the lower part. With this feature, you can turn on and off your device automatically based on the time which is already set.

Using Volume Power

This app is actually the same with the Volume Unlock explained above. It is to overcome the Android device manager not working. Interestingly, this app looks simpler and lighter in term of weight. Besides, the way it works is also easy. First of all, sure, you have to go to the Google Pay Store to download and install it.

Next, you can directly activate the app by checking the “Boot” and “Screen Off”. It will not need a long time you are able to use the Volume Power as an alternative to turn on, off, and lock the Android screen. Another advantage is that the app doesn’t need to be rooted.

Going to the Service

Those two apps mentioned above are basically the alternatives when the damage is related to the software. Yes, it is really often happened actually. But if you want to bring the original locker back, of course, you have to go to the service center of your Smartphone. Similar way must also be done if the damage is occurred due to accidental happenings like the Smartphone is broken or cracked. This can be the safest way to overcome the problem when Android device manager lock not working.


3 Best Cerberus Alternative Android

There are so many questions related to the Cerberus alternative Android indeed. Yes, Cerberus is known as a service for anti theft which is not free after a week of trial. Sure, it means you have to pay cost to get it. However, it is actually so worthy with so many benefits to get. Cerberus can handle and overcome some problems like locking the device, showing the remaining battery, displaying massage on the screen, taking pictures, locating and tracking your device, recording audio, finding more information regarding the network of cell phone and Wi-Fi, and still some others. You can see that without Cerberus, your phone may be nothing. But actually, this program is not the only you can use.
Here are some of the alternatives.

Cerberus Alternative Android

Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is one of the alternatives you can do to manage your Android system more. Although the functions are actually not exactly the same with Cerberus, it is really beneficial as well. It is very good in tracking your misplaced or lost phone. More than that, it is helpful to keep the device along with all the data secure. Besides, it still has some other functions like helping you to reset the screen locked by PIN and even delete all the data inside if you think you don’t need it anymore.

Lookout Mobile Security

Another program for Cerberus Alternative Android is the Lookout Mobile Security. This way to secure and protect your phone is quite simple. It makes people tend to choose it anyway. Meanwhile, the protection includes some matters like losing data, theft, and also securing the programs from viruses, malware, and even hacker.


Prey is also recommended as an alternative for your Cerberus system. Why? It is because this program is really lightweight so that it will not disturb the work of your device. Sure, it is very beneficial even not only for Smartphone. It is able to track and find back your laptop and any other types of device. Besides, it works well on some programs including Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OsX. Prey itself always tries to develop its program and all the features. That’s why; it is possible for you to easily upgrade yours if you already have it. More than that, it also enables you to access some additional features available. Certainly, with such additional features, you can find the Prey work much better as the Cerberus alternative Android.


Knowing More about Best Password Manager for Android and PC

With the number of online-based services, it will require the best password manager for Android and PC that will allow you to manage the passwords used on a variety of online services are well on your Android device or PC such as Facebook, email, or otherwise. When you are going to use the online service, you will be prompted to enter certain keywords that match what you created earlier. In this case, most users will choose to use the same password for all accounts that will facilitate the process of remembering the password. However, you should also understand that this is very risky because it will open up opportunities for others to know the password in various ways. Thus, you should be able to consider using a password manager for Android and PC that will help you to store passwords automatically, so you can be more secure account.

Best password manager for Android and PC

Keepass could be the best password manager for Android and PC that has superior features such as auto login and a built-in keyboard to prevent their password sniffer. By using this tool, you will be easier to store passwords securely and access it easily. This password manager application integrated with a variety of browsers on the Android device and the PC so when you will access a range of services, you do not have to enter a username or password. In addition, you can also use a password manager of Roboform. This application is an application automatic fili form that can store data including passwords or other data entered. This application is available in free and paid versions. Difference between the two is the paid version; this application can store much more data than the free version.

By using a password manager app for Android and PC, it cannot guarantee the security of 100% of the existing account on your Android device or PC. However, by using the administrator password, you can have more secure password storage for various passwords used. You only need to log in password manager then you will enter the password storage database. In this case, you only need to remember a master password to login to the password manager. And for the password that is used in many other accounts such as social media, email, and more can be replaced with a new password as complex as possible so it would take away from the reach of hackers. You are sure to find the best password manager for Android and PC for your account security.


How Does Device Manager Work On Android

For Android devices user, they must be familiar with an official application from Google, the creator of Android Operating System (OS) that was created for device and data protection. This application is called Android Device Manager (ADM). But, the funny thing it, there are also many user that doesn’t know that there is ADM for their devices. It’s reasonable, because you need to download it separately. We can say that this is one of important app. it has lot of function. But, you might want to know, how does device manager work really is. So, here is some short explanation about that matter.

How does device manager work

Actually, the ADM only work, if there is internet connection. Therefore, you have to always turn on the internet connection on your Android devices. Of course, before that, you also need to activate this function. The application will work like bridge or connector between you, as the owner, and your Android devices that maybe lost and used by other people. When you want to use several function on ADM, for example tracking function, ring, lock or erase, you need to use your Google account and send the command for the function that you want to activate. That’s actually the simple way to explain how does device manager work really is. Furthermore, after you send the command, Google will detect the devices that you have and run that function. The function, like mentioned before, is divided into 4 different commands. There is tracking, like its name it will give you the location of your device through GPS. There is also ring, like its name it will make your device. And then, lock and erase, it will lock your Android devices and erase all data in that device, so other people won’t be able to use it.

However, the most important thing that you have to do to make ADM work is signing it up. Actually, every time you use and access Google Play Store, your device will be detected and registered. But, you can only use the ADM by signing up your device. More than that, you also can use the different name for your device that will be easier to know, like with the name that you like. So, basically, that’s how does device manager work. You will need it to get better protection from many problem, such as identity theft or even worth, using your device for evil purpose that will only give you more problem in the future.


The Recommended Android Manager on PC

Android Manager - Recently we see that people always bring smartphone in their hands. People do their work on smartphone and get entertainment from smartphone too. Most smartphones in the market use android as their system because android offers convenient access for its users to get and manage everything. Files on android device also can be access via PC/desktop when users have no access to reach their android device. Since there are many android manager PC software, we just going to give you information about the most download software. Let’s take a look.


MoboRobo is a free software to manage file on Android and iPhone devices to PC. MoboRobo can backup and restore data of your device like message, contact, multimedia files and so on. It is also can manage the multimedia files and application data via desktop. You even can update and install new apps from MoboRobo Store. The downsides from this software are the long duration of installation, some files cannot be read by software, for instance, 3GP files and only Windows PC which able to use the software.

Android Manager


Mobogenie is also one of free android manager software in the market. You can backup and restore data, manage multimedia files and applications, manage text messages, call log and contact and also manage the ads and notification to desktop. The downsides of Mobogenie are the interface is not friendly to manage the files and you only can connect the phone and PC via USB cable since Mobogenie do not provide the Wi-Fi connectivity.


MOBILedit can backup and restore data, manage multimedia files and applications, manage text messages, make a call from desktop PC, create ringtones from various sources, edit photos and videos, and provide multiple connections for your device and desktop, for instance, Bluetooth, USB cable, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The downside of MOBILedit software is you have to pay $25 to install it. Actually, you can use the trial version for free but some features are only available if you already pay it full.


Mobisynapse can manage multimedia files and text messages, sync the outlook files, for instance, calendar between phone and PC, and only able to backup applications and text messages. The downsides of Mobisynapse software are its features are not as many as the other software, it requires log in and download another apps if you want to use the software and you have to pay $29.99 for the software. The price is too expensive comparing to the other android manager software.

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