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How to Transfer Music to iPhone from Android Phone

How to send music from Android to iPhone? We all know that some Android users move to Apple’s iPhone because of some reasons. Unfortunately, the Android may has been used for some months or years and it brings many important files, including music. Switching to iPhone means finding a new OS, which has different mechanism. Downloading or buying new music files means spending more money while leaving those files is not an option. That is why we share this technique here. This article below explain about how to send or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone.

send music from Android to iPhone

If we are an Android user and now thinking about switching to iPhone or if maybe we have already made the switch, we may be concerned about sending or transfer music to iPhone from Android phone as well as other important data- photos, contacts, calendar and many more. The first thing we have to remember is making sure that nothing is lost in the process. We must know that transferring data from Android phone to iPhone really could not be simpler. The basic principle is to back up to either a desktop or cloud, and then sync it to the iPhone. Even better, Apple helps us get the answer for how to send music from Android to iPhone question with an Android app specifically to guide us do the entire process.

When we switch to Apple’s iPhone, we can bring all music with us. What we need to do is just using a PC with iTunes to help us transfer music to iPhone from Android phone. If we use a streaming music app, we can go to the App Store and get the app.  Sign in with our user name and secret password. If we use Apple Music, we just need to sign in on iOS device. Here is send music from Android to iPhone using PC with iTunes:

Connect our Android device to the computer and then find the music. Most Android devices 
store these files in “Music”. Install Android File Transfer on a Mac, open it and then go to “Music”.

Choose the songs we want to move and then drag them to a folder on the computer.

Disconnect the Android device and connect our new iPhone to the computer.

Open iTunes on the PC, go to our Library, and then click “Music”.

Open the folder where we put the songs and then drag them to the Music view in the iTunes.


Transferring Music Between Android and iPhone Safely

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computerHow if this case happens? One of our friends love most of songs. He/she wants to have the files transferred to his/her smartphone. His/her smartphone is iPhone while our device where the files are placed is running on Android OS. So, how to transfer music from Aandroid to iPhone without computer? The answer is quite hard since there are no third party apps develop such tools. However, this transfer method we share here is the most convenience and the most effective. Many people who have tried to use the tips we share here said that this technique is the simplest and the best. Before you start the transfer process what we need first is a smartphone data transfer program or applications. What most recommended here is the TunesGo. This app helps Android and iPhone users to easily copy tons of music files from Android to iPhone within just a few clicks.

How to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer? The answer is impossible and too complicated because we have to root the phone first and it is a risky step. The first thing we have to know about TunesGo is that this app is specially designed for both iOS and Android. This app comes to help iOS and Android transferring media files, including music, movies, playlist from each other safely and effortlessly. We can download the free version of this app if want to try the effectiveness and efficiency. With this app, we can also transfer music easily from iPhone to Android. However, if we want to do it we need to ensure that the laptop or computer we will use to transfer music between Android and iPhone had been installed with iTunes, and if not we have to install it first. Next step, open the transfer program and then we have to connect the smartphones to the computer and then launch the TunesGo app. If we enter the primary window, use a couple of USB cables to connect both Android phone and iPhone to the PC respectively.

Both Android and iPhone info will be shown on the main interface of the TunesGo app. "Music", "Movies", "Playlist" will be offered on the display. "Music" helps all songs to be displayed one by one. Click the files we want and then click "Export" on the top of the display. Click "Export to iPhone" and all music files we want to transfer to Android have been sent automatically. So, never ask about how to transfer music from Android to iPhone without computer, it is something risky and impossible.


Android Smartphones VS Apple’s iPhones?

What is better an iphone or an androidWhat is better an iphone or an android?“ Maybe, this is the most asked question asked by people when considering purchasing a smartphone. Some people that have used an iPhone may will likely recommend or choose to go to that path. The same thing will be done by most people who used to have Android smartphones. Actually, there are a few pros and cons of each product that can be used to take the decision.

The battery on iPhone is built-in. It requires a technical knowledge to be able to replace the battery when malfunctions. Maybe, some Android vendors made the same way, but not all of them, leaving buyer with more option. Apple’s iPhone uses built-in storage and we cannot expand it. Some Android smartphones are this way, but most of them bring an expanded storage slot in the form of SD card.  On iPhone all apps and music that are downloaded have to be done from Apple. Smartphones with Android  OS are more open-sourced; it allow apps and music to be downloaded from any sources. That is the reason why most people asked about what is better an iphone or an android.

Every iPhone brings a set of headphones and a battery charger. Almost all Android products come with a battery charger, but not all of them comes with headphones.  Newer iPhone versions record video in 4k resolution while newer Samsung Galaxy phones are able to take a better low-light picture and they are water-resistant. Smartphones with Android OS, especially Samsung, have a display mode namely "easy mode", which is a special mode that can be used for putting the most used applications on the front screen as well as allowing the users to set up the display of favorite contacts in order to give quick and easy call. For elderly people, the feature is really helpful especially because they are easily overwhelmed sometimes. Apple’s iPhone brings a special feature named face-time; a video calling feature between two iPhone users. This feature is useful for some people who's family members use iPhones because they can easily communicate each other more often and easily. Maybe, Android smartphones do video calling,  but it is easy to operate. So, the best answer for “what is better an iphone or an android?” question is depending on your needs, budget and requirements.


How to Share Calendar between iPhone and Android

Share Calendar between iPhone and AndroidIf you are a user of Android and iPhone mobile device, you might want to know about how to share calendar between iPhone and Android. For people who have solid activity with a variety of important agenda, calendar presence certainly become quite important in a phone device. In addition, the calendar can also be used as a recording various important moments in life's journey. When you switch the mobile device, you certainly will need an easy way to share calendar from iPhone to Android that can be used to transfer data from your Android device to iPhone or vice versa. In this case, you can take advantage of iCloud Calendar, or other applications such as Move to iOS to move data from calendar information in a single mobile device to other mobile phones.

How to take advantage of iCloud calendar is easy. In this case, you need to have a Google account. You can export the calendar in .ica file. Furthermore, you can upload to Google Calendar. After that, you can synchronize your Google account on your Android phone or other device. Synchronize your Google account will be easier for you when you want to share calendars between iPhone and Android. Of course, you must ensure that the information or data that you want to to be fully synchronized with your Google account. By synchronizing, you will be easier to divide the calendar to your Android device.

Additionally, if you wanted to share calendar information from Android to iPhone, you can use Move to iOS apps that you can download free on the Google Play Store. After performing the download, you can install the application. Furthermore, you can go to Settings to manage what would you transfer from the Android mobile device. This application is only compatible for Android devices 4.0 and higher. How to use this application is quite easy. First, you open Apps and data on your iPhone device. Furthermore, you can choose Move Data from Android that will then bring the 10-digit code. On Android devices, you can enter the 10-digit code and then you can choose the data to be transferred if the contacts, mail, calendar, or otherwise. Furthermore, you can press the Next button and wait until the process is completed the data transferring. This is an easy way to share calendars between iPhone and Android.


Knowing More about How to Transfer Information from Android to iPhone

How to transfer information from Android to iPhone
Transfer information from Android to iPhone
If you want to switch to using the iPhone than Android, you should know about how to transfer information from Android to iPhone so that you will be easier to move the contacts, mail, calendar, or other data from mobile devices the old to the new phone, Every mobile phone user will certainly have the need and purpose of each in the use of their mobile devices. When finding the advantages of a mobile device, users usually choose to switch or add a mobile device being used. In this case, you will probably need a proper way to transfer information from Android to iPhone, so you can still get information as when you are using Android.

In this case, you might think to use the Move to iOS apps to perform transferring data such as photos, video, contacts, calendar, or otherwise. However, you should understand that this application could not transfer music, apps, or password. When you need the proper way on how to transfer information from Android to iPhone, you should understand what kind of information would be moved so that you can choose the way that is effective to perform transferring. If you really just need some information that does not include passwords, apps, or music, you can choose to utilize the Move to iOS apps. It is one of the most effective solutions for transferring data from Android to iPhone easily. However, when you really need detailed information, you should find another way that is consistent with the needs.

Today's technological development makes a lot of people are interested to avail of the sophisticated gadgets to facilitate their activities. Smart phone devices are here not only to communicate more easily, but also can be used for various other needs. You can use it for photo editing, office tasking, or otherwise. Even, with a range of sophistication offered, varieties of smart mobile devices that exist today are equipped with better security system. On the other hand, when you find a better mobile device, you may be thinking of switching to the advanced phones. If you really want to move from Android to phones iPhone, you should also supplement the information you dig deeper into how to transfer information from Android to iPhone.

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