The Benefits of Lock and Erase Function of ADM

If you are using Android devices that were launched after 2010, you will be able to access one of the application or function that it has. It’s called Android Device Manager (ADM). This app is very useful, especially in order to protect your Android devices as well as data that you save inside it. There is one function that ADM has. It’s called android device manager lock and erase. The lock and erase is the one that can protect your Smartphone from irresponsible usage from other people that stole or found your Smartphone.

The ADM lock and erase, like what you can see, there are two main functions that mentioned here. Those functions are lock and erase. The lock function here means that you can lock your Smartphone from afar, so other people won’t be able to open and access data inside your Smartphone. The most important thing that you need to do, so this function will be activated, is turning the location feature on. You can do this by using the menu Setting – Security – Device administrators and find the ADM lock and erase menu at there and check it. The other thing that also you need to have if you want to activate android device manager lock and erase is the Google Account.

Android device manager lock and erase

Having Google account and activate it is the essential, because this is the method to lock and erase your Android devices. Make sure you always activate this function. For erase function, you also can use the same method like when you activate and use the lock function. With ADM, you locate your Android device first. Then, you can activate the lock and erase. The erase function itself will delete all data in that Android device. However, there is a chance that the data that you save in your SD card won’t be deleted. This is what you need to give more attention.

Basically, ADM can serve as one of best protection for your Android devices. On the other hand, if you accidentally activate it, you will also get some problem. The data that you actually don’t want to delete will be delete and the worst of all, you can restore it. Therefore, it’s important to be very careful when you activate this function. Make sure you have already backup everything and do it regularly, then you can activate the android device manager lock and erase to protect your devices.


Is It Possible That Android Device Manager Ring Not Working?

Android device manager ring not working may possibly appear. Android device manager is an application or tool to detect android devices or smartphone using a Google email added in your android. This feature is available on Google to help or ease you finding and detecting a smartphone location relying on internet and gps on your smartphone. This application is used to lock your smartphone if it is lost to keep privacy. Android device manager ring is a kind of this application feature. Not working ring can be a common problem faced to install this application.

Android Device Manager Ring Not Working

Features and Uses of Android Device Manager

There are several features of android device manager that can be understood. The features are helpful to operate it correctly. The first feature is android device manager ring. This feature has a function to make lost android or smartphone connected to be ringing. The ringing is like a smartphone called by someone. If android is silent or mute mode automatically it will be full volume and ringing loudly. It is sometimes not working when you forget to activate it. Android device manager ring not working is caused by forgetting to activate it. You should activate it to hear the loud ringing.

Lock or Key is a feature having function to lock lost android that is only opened when you know the password from your Gmail. Thus, when your android devices are lost, lock it to keep privacy and data in order to be unable to open by the others. Search is a button to find location of devices that you seek. If you don’t press this button, android device manager cannot scan or search location of your android. After login and choose a certain device, you must select that button to find location of your lost smartphone.

The Principles of Android Device Manager Ring

Android device manager ring is the first feature that can make your smartphone ringing by itself until 5 minutes. Generally, this feature is very useful to find your lost android device or location where you put it. To make it ringing, you need to arrange the setting of ring. If you forget to manage the setting, android device manager ring will not work. Make sure that this application is connected fully to internet. The android device manager ring not working may be not connected to internet. The ringing of this ring is useful to assist you find the exact location of lost android or smartphone. Set it by pressing button “Ringing”. Your smartphone will ring loudly when it has been set. Having conducted those actions, it is impossible that android device manager ring not working.


Android device manager last known location

Thankfully to Android and Google, now we can have easier job to track down our smartphone’s location. Positively, it must have been created to help us catch the phone in case if we forgetting where the last location we put it. Or the worse scene is whenever we lose it or get thieved without warnings.

To check the track, you can use the android device manager to get the android device manager last known location.

Basically, before Google detects your Android devices, it always asks you beforehand whether you permit it or not. Then after it receives your agreement, the application will work automatically. In most cases, it starts or begins with anxiety of someone about another’s device’s location.

The work uses API where you can get the latest known location of someone’s device place. The system will automatically find the device wherever it is. If you want to get this application’s experience, you can follow below steps to follow the ADM (Android Device Manager).

Android device manager last known location

If you want to use website:
-               Go and sign in to your google account through
-               Then you will see lists of your devices
-               Click the arrow after the name of your device
-               Then the android device manager will show the location of the selected device
If you want to use android device manager application:
-               Download the android device manager at the play store in your smartphone (or other android device)
-               Sign in through your google account
-               Change the display and just click or swipe the arrow of the screen
-               Then it will show you the approximate location of the targeted device

Those ways are easy to use and you should at least try once. Android device manager is a new way of finding back your android devices. Use it wisely and it will be a good benefit for you later.

What can you do after finding or locating your device?
-               Make a ring
-               Lock
-               Erase lost device

With its way, you are able to ring, lock or even erase the lost device from far place. But there are requirements you should know. The lost device must be in the position where it has mobile data connection in the active SIM card, or Wireless Connection (WIFi). You can do all of these things using the website in the desktop or laptop or the application of the android device manager you have installed before.

Android device manager alternative

Who does not know about the famous application to track down the android devices? It has been spread that the application of android device manager alternative has been used in big numbers since it appeared for the first time.

Android device manager is the work between Android and Google. It simply connects between these two things and you will like to bring the world on the palm of your hands. If you are wondering how to use it, you have two ways in common. They are through website or through downloaded application. After you are able to sign in to those applications, you can find and locate your devices.

Then you can decide whether you want to ring the device so that people will get shocked, if it is stolen, or you just simply get notified where it is. Other benefits are you can lock the phone from the current of yours. It helps you to save the devices before it is used violently by unknown person. The last usage you can use from the android device manager is that you can erase all the data in the lost or targeted Android device.

Android device manager alternative

The next question appears. Does the android device manager have other alternatives? Yes, it does. Here are the examples:
1.             Prey
2.             Cerberus
3.             Lookout Mobile Security
4.             Find My Iphone
5.             Android Lost
6.             Hexnode MDM
7.             Avast! Anti – Theft
8.             Whres My Droid
9.             iLostFinder
10.          iAlertU
11.          Mobile Defense
12.          LocationItTight
13.          Plan B
14.          AVG Mobilation AntiVirus
15.          CodeProof
16.          Samsung DIVE
17.          Track&Protect
18.          SmrtGuard
19.          SeekDroid
20.          AntiDroidTheft
21.          UnTouchedMe
22.          Comodo Anti Theft
23.          My Antitheft & Antivirus
24.          GadgetTrak
25.          iHOund

Some of them can be used both for Android and iPhone. But some of the others are only specialized for one type only. For example:

-               Prey is very light application that will help you find your mobile or laptop using windows or mac os.

-               Cerberus is a famous anti – theft android application and becomes the best protection to recover the lost or stolen android device. The works are similar to the android device manager. You can lock and erase the device. It even gives you chance to send messages.

-               Lookout Mobile Security uses and combines higher grade security for the end user. It simply protects your lost device from unwanted acts by unknown person. It has variety threats for the loss, viruses, theft, hackers and malware.

How to remove android device manager

Have you heard about the latest cool ability that google gives to you through android devices? Its name is android device manager. It is like an application where you can monitor or search your smartphone if in case you lose it.

You can try to use it first and check whether later on, you need it or not. Some people will see it as a fortune to have in case of losing their smartphones accidentally in the future. But the others think differently. They need more privacy so it is better for them not to use it.

Then how if you first want to use it then another time want to turn it off? How to remove android device manager. Here are some of the tips:

-               Go to the
-               Go to the ‘sign – in & security’ and touch or tap on ‘device activity & notification’
-               Look at the ‘recently used devices’ part then touch or tap on the ‘review devices’
-               Touch your device if you want to remove just tap on the ‘remove’

Those are the help if you think you still do not need the Goggle Android Device Manager. It really helps if you need some tracking devices in order to help you out finishing your work. Works that need this kind of tracking devices are like reality show programs.

How to remove android device manager

If you find difficulty in removing that app, you can try to read below instruction to hide the smartphone from showing up on the lists of yours:

-               Go to your Play Store application from the desktop or laptop’s browser
-               Click on the gear icon (usually it is on the top right corner of the screen)
-               Select or click the Settings option
-               After arriving at the page ‘My Devices’, you will see ‘Unnamed Device’.
-               Look at the ‘Visibility’ section or column, you will see the check boxes of the ‘Show in Menus’
-               By default, the check boxes all are ticked.
-               To remove the device from the list of all smartphones you have registered in Google Account before, you have to remove it by simply unchecking the box in this step.

These ways, of removing the connection between the devices and the Google account, are to give better awareness to all of us that privacy should be prioritized amongst all. It warns us to get prepared before losing the smartphone and its data inside. And it is all up to you whether you want to get detected by google or not later on.

Activate Android Device Manager Helps You to Save Your Android Devices and Data

Activate android device manager becomes a right way to prevent lost smartphone. Losing smartphone is a suck moment that you had. It makes you lose important documents, personal photos, contact numbers, and surely material. To avoid this suck incident, you may download and install an application for android called as android device manager. This application is almost as similar to Find my iPhone that is able to find your smartphone location and save your phone when it gets lost. Do you want to activate android device manager? Let’s read the following ways.

What is Android Device Manager?

Android device manager is a feature made of Google to help users of android to track the lost phone. This feature is available in almost all devices of Android minimally 2.2 version with a condition of installed Google Apps. Though it looks useful, it cannot be used for several things including tracking smartphone in not active condition, controlling or destroying smartphone from distance, taking data from the lost smartphone, and seeking smartphone location when it had been reset.

Activate android device manager

What Are Functions of Android Device Manager?

After you identify some prohibited things using this android device manager, you wonder why the functions of this device. What is android device manager for? Here is the list of android device manager functions.

Tracking Your Smartphone Position

Android device manager is able to track lost smartphone position by exploring geolocation ability in android device. Though it is sometimes inaccurate, it makes users get the last location where the smartphone exists.

Hiding Your Smartphone in Silent Mode

In addition, this application can be used to find smartphone location in a hidden place. If you often forget to put smartphone, for example, in the cupboard, you can use this application to play its ringtone though it is in a silent mode. Loud ringtone can be heard for 5 minutes easing you to find it.

Locking Your Smartphone

Activate android device manager can help you to lock smartphone. If the lost smartphone doesn’t use lock screen, this feature is the first thing to activate before user’s data can be accessed by the others.

Deleting the Content of Your Smartphone

If you have conducted all above steps but it is not successful, you surely need to buy a new smartphone. But, before purchasing it, you must delete all data in your lost smartphone in order that it is not accessed by the others.

How to Activate Android Device Manager

Do you want to enjoy those benefits and functions of android device manager? You should activate it soon. This application can be downloaded in android devices through Google. Firstly, you open an application of Google Settings in your android. Then, install an application of android device manager. Before installing, you should download it. After that, choose android device manager and put a tick on Remotely Locate This Device and Allow Remoter Factory Reset. Those have functions to recognize location and delete all data on your android. This android device manager can be used. Those are some things and steps to activate android device manager.

How to Use Android Device Manager for PC

Don’t panic if you lose your beloved Android-based smart phone or tablet since you can have Android Device Manager for PC to trace your lost device. This app in your PC will find the location of your Android devices that associated with your account in Google, erase all the date in your lost device, and reset the PIN of your lost device screen lock. Another greatest thing about this app is that Google has updated the app by adding it with remote password changes. There are many reasons why you need to have this app in your PC. Take a look at possible reasons stated below:

·         You can enjoy great graphics on larger screens.

·         You simply don’t want the app in your small screen smart phone or tablet. You just want the app run in your laptop or Pc, that’s all.

·         You can have this app in your PC because you run out of storage in your smart phone or tablet.

You can install Android Device Manager for your PC that runs Window XP, Window 10, Window 8.1, Window 8, Window 7, and we also can install this app on Mac Book and iMac with Mac OS X. Obviously we need Android emulators to do the installing, such as Andy OS Android emulator, Blue Stacks, Blue Stacks 2, and APK file via Blue Stack and Blue Stack 2.

If you have finished installing this Android Device Manager for PC the way you like it, take a look at the way to use the app on PC below.

Android Device Manager for PC

The way to use Android Device Manager App on PC:

Turn on your PC and sign in with your account in Google. The account should be the same with the lost device’s Google account. The PC is of course supposed to be connected to internet if you want to see your lost device and detect the current location of it. Google will give you suggestion to contact the police if needed. On the interface of the app, you can find and click Lock and Erase Enable and Ring. These three will be able to help you trace your lost device even easier. The Ring one is to make the lost device ring for maximum five minutes with the maximum volume. The Lock is for helping you do the screen locking, and the Erase is for deleting the data in your lost device, so that the important and private data cannot be misused by other people. If you turn on the Enable Lock and Erase on Android devices the data inside will go away. Unluckily, if you don’t turn on this Enable Lock and Erase option, then the data can be opened and misused by people for terrible purpose. The iCloud Lock on Find My iPhone is a lot better than this. You know that the device can be locked for good.

What do you think? Don’t you think the app is great? It is greater if you find this article helpful. Go install this Android Device Manager for PC

How to Play Android Device Manager Ring

Knowing how to play Android Device Manager Ring is very important when we lose our device. We have already known that one of the benefits of having Android Device Manager App installed in our device is it can make our lost device ring from remote area for about five minutes with a maximum level. However, you have to know that this Android Device Manager won’t work properly if the device is off or offline—without mobile data or Wi-Fi connection with active SIM card for sure. If we have already had Android Device Manager in our device, you will have to know how to make the lost device ring.

How to ring the lost device by using Android Device Manager Website:

·         Select an option, and you probably have to turn on Lock and Erase option as well.

·         Choose five-minute ring length with maximum volume. Even if your lost device is set to Vibrate or Silent mode it still can ring.

Play Android Device Manager Ring

How to ring the lost device by using Android Device Manager App:

·         Select an option, and you probably have to turn on Lock and Erase option as well.

·         Choose five-minute ring length with maximum volume. It will be fine even if your lost device is in Vibrate or Silent mode.

It is not really hard to play Android Device Manager Ring, right? It’s a pity that finding lost devices cannot be without internet. However, technology grows every minute, who knows that someday we can do it without internet? We also need to add another great thing about Android Device manager. Remember about the data that can be erased from a distance with Android Device Manager App? We won’t feel scared of being bribed by irresponsible criminal having important or private data in our lost device with Android Device Manager App installed in our other device. To delete all of our data permanently, you can just sign in to your account in Google, and then select the lost device located next to the name of the device. Next, select the Lock and Erase option. Finally follow the instruction to do the erasing. If you use the website option, you can just sign in to your account in Google, and then select the lost device name, next selection is Lock and Erase option. Finally, follow the instruction to do the data erasing.

Thanks to modern technology, we may find our lost devices easily. Have this kind of application in our device that can be found in Play store or Google store, or if you use laptop or PC you can download this app with the latest version. It is great if the article about Play Android Device Manager Ring is helpful to you. 

Google Settings App Android Device Manager: The Advantages and the Setting Up

If you happen to lose your smart phone or tablet with Android, definitely you need to have Google setting app Android Device Manager to locate your lost device. It’s suck to lose such important thing in our life, especially if the device is full of very important data or very private data. Irresponsible person who steals it definitely can misuse the data. He or she can even bribe us to spread the data. However, Android Device Manager has come to help you with the problem. How can it help us?

How Android Device Manager helps us:

·         It can trace the location of our lost device

·         It can ring the lost device from remote area to locate it easily. It can even ring so loudly for five minutes even if our lost device is in silent mode.

·         It can lock the lost device.

·         It can erase the data in the lost device.

Don’t you think this app is great? Yes, this must be great. How can we set up this app in our device? Here, take a look at the guidance below. However, make sure that the device is associated with Google account and is online for sure.

Google Settings App Android Device Manager
Google Settings App Android Device Manager

How to set up Android Device Manager:

1.     Switch on the Android Device Manager by opening the device setting app, and then choose security, next step is switch on the Remotely Locate This Device, Allow Remote Lock, and Erase. When you use this app in your devise, you have to sign in to your account in Google.

2.     Switch on your location access in your device by opening the setting app in your device, and then find Location, next change the turn off to turn on.

3.     See if the Android Device Manager can find your device properly. If you cannot find your lost device, make sure you have signed in to your account in Google, and the setting of location is already on, and you also have made Google Setting App Android Device Manager turn on.

Now, how can we find our lost device with this app?

Use another device with Android Device Manager Application is already installed. Open the application, and then sign in to your account in Google. If you use smart phone, swipe the bottom screen to see your lost device, if you use your tablet, touch the arrow located next to the device and select the lost device. Finally, the Android Device Manager will reveal the location of your lost device approximately.

What do you think? Don’t you think it is necessary for us to have this kind of app just in case we lose our device with important and private data? It is hoped that you find this article about Google Setting App Android Device Manager helpful.

Knowing the Advantages of Android Device Manager Download

Android device manager download is needed when you have lost or misplaced your phone. So, this must be very helpful for us. What is Android Device Manager? This is the tool provided by Google that can help us find the location of our lost or misplaced devices. If the data is lost, it’s very dangerous since irresponsible people can misuse the data inside it. However, we don’t have to worry too much since this kind of device manager has advantages, such as:

·         Lock the smart phone or tablet screen from a distance. Of course, you can do the locking by using other device with android. There is ‘Lock’ menu that you can press to lock your lost device.

·         Wipe all private important information that can be misused by irresponsible people. This device manager also gives the information of the lost device’s location. However, the erasing process only can be done if your lost device is online.

·         Ring the device with maximum volume. You will be easier to do it if you realize your device is lost right away. Click ‘Ring’ and your lost device will ring for five minutes even although your lost device is silent so you can locate it fast.

How can we have this device manager? It is very easy since we can just go to setting app in your devise and then access location by choosing the ‘on’ one, choose the location resources, and then pick security menu. How can we trace the lost device? Android Device Manager Download makes us possible to trace the lost device with other device with android, laptop or PC with internet connection.

Android Device Manager Download
Advantages of Android Device Manager Download

To trace lost device with laptop or PC connected to internet:

·         Search Android Device Manager in the Google searching machine, and then follow the link to download the latest version and do the downloading. If you have finished it, open it.

·         Login with the account of the lost device

·         Do the searching

To trace lost device with other device with android:

·         Install the Android Device Manager application

·         Login with the account of the lost device

·         Do the tracing

Well, like any other tools, there are pluses and minuses of this Android Device Manager, the lost device account can be replaced by people stealing the device so easily. So, we need to do it very quickly by the time we realize that we lose our devise. Keep it in our mind that the lost devise need to be connected to internet if we want to locate it. It is hoped that the article about Android Device Manager Download can broaden your technology knowledge.

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